Comedy - Development 2013

Nick, a lonely and neglected rich kid, takes a down and out mall Santa Claus on a wild after hours shopping spree in a quest to save Christmas... and find the perfect gift for the long suffering Mrs Claus.

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Family
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Writer(s)
    • Richard BEATTIE
    • Synopsis
    • What do you do if you’re a lonely rich kid whose older brother hates you, whose distracted, globe-trotting parents won’t be home for Christmas for the third year in a row; and whose nervous disposition and penchant for rattling out long discourses on matters of great triviality has made your life devoid of little friends? Why, it’s simple – you convince yourself that the down and out mall Santa is the real thing – going incognito to keep in touch with the people – and you start visiting him several times a day in the weeks leading up to Christmas.
      This is ten-year-old Nick’s plan and it seems to be working extremely well, because this mall Santa, whether he’s the real thing or not, is just as eccentric as Nick and the two get along famously. But when Nick decides he wants to tag along with Santa on the Christmas Eve toy run, he discovers that the jolly old elf is living in one of the dusty and forgotten storerooms of the mall – in a large pumpkin from the Halloween display in fact – and Nick’s illusion of Santa is almost destroyed.
      But while Santa might be a bit whacked in the personality department, he is a very kind and sensitive fellow. In order to preserve Nick’s innocent and wonderful world view, Santa concocts a wild story about a falling out with Mrs. Claus and the need to save Christmas by getting her to forgive him. The answer, apparently, lies in finding her the perfect gift. Santa’s been a bit lax in that regard over the years – at Christmas Mrs. Claus has always come in behind a few billion others in the gift department.
      So Nick and Santa go on a midnight, Christmas Eve shopping spree through the deserted stores. They’re joined by Nick’s malevolent brother, Owen, and a couple of other luckless misfits who have also taken up residence in the recesses of the huge mall… just until they get back on their feet, of course. There’s Charity the French dancer, Joe the struggling musician, and his pregnant wife Mary. As they elude the hapless security guards on their wild spree, Nick ends up giving Santa the best Christmas of his life. In fact, everybody in the little group is blessed with an unexpected gift.
      Nick’s generosity, kindness and joyful spirit not only set Santa up with a brand new wardrobe, but also with a new outlook on life. And Santa assures Nick that Christmas has been saved as well. Nick gives what he has and asks for nothing in return, but on Christmas morning discovers that his parents have miraculously return from their travels, just in time to celebrate.
      Saint Nick is a simple story about the joy of giving and loving and believing.