con dirección de Sergio MAZZA


Comedia - Development 2016

    • Año de producción
    • 2016
    • Géneros
    • Comedia, Drama
    • Paises
    • ITALIA
    • Duración
    • 87 mn
    • Directores
    • Sergio MAZZA
    • Sinopsis
    • Vicente is a writer, not an acclaimed one but “just one of the bunch” and because of the divorce and the lack of inspiration to conclude his new piece of write he decided to go where his grandparents – who migrated to Argentina – were born. There he pretends to find the answer to all his questions or perhaps finding his origins he discovers himself.
      Italy is an unknown land for him, even though his grandparents always talked to him during his whole childhood about those lands he has never gone, neither did his parents or his grandparents could go back. Vicente look forward to fixing something, his time is determined, he has a dead line to send his book to the editors, that’s why he will go, he will finish the book and comes back, he says he knows Italian and he remembers all the conversations with his grandparents and he will take advantage of his time to refresh this language, clear his mind and be able to think calmly how to cope with his life.
      Vicente will fulfill that promise. He takes a picture of his grandparents and go to Calabria where he meets Giulia, a limp beautiful Calabrese woman who used to be the queen of a beauty content, but unfortunately ruined after a car accident.
      He tells her that he has divorced because he is a fetishist and no matter how much she loves him, she couldn’t follow him with those fetishes and he saw himself in a crossroad: he had to give up his ways of pleasure or she had to force herself to satisfy him without filling the same things.
      Giulia pays attention to every fetishes he tells, and she has a technical name for all of them, she knows everything. This way, the relationship between them achieves to overcome difficulties, jealous, fears and ghosts from the all previous relationships.
      This story of fetishist love, with an oral sexual content, as it is a couple that agree about sex, talking about it. It is a comedy drama with the particular desire of these two characters, these two fetishists.