Science-fiction - Development 2017

Something goes terribly wrong when X-13, a superior cyborg X-Series killing machine – the creation of a secret and sinister Black Ops branch of the shadow government - escapes and winds up changing the course of history…

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Emmett ALSTON, Andrew CHIARAMONTE
    • Synopsis
    • In the remote Nevada desert a team of secret super soldiers – half human, half machine – undergoes a rigorous test of endurance and survival.
      A beeper begins counting down the seconds as one of the remaining soldiers, X-12, leaps into action thrusting himself into one of the most intense obstacle courses ever conceived. Taking a zigzag course, 12 barely avoids explosions as he charges ahead. It is instantly clear that 12’s abilities to jump, evade, dodge, and calculate are extraordinary. Until, moving at superhuman speed, hurdling a clump of sagebrush, literally flying through the air, he swerves to miss a pop-up mine. BOOM! He is destroyed. His remains are carried away as bits and pieces of human body parts and exotic electronic and mechanical technology.
      X-13 is next. Though dressed like the previous soldier, something about him speaks of a greater degree of sophistication. His performance is extraordinary. With the greatest speed and precision, Thirteen manages to survive every text of strength and agility including those that test his instincts and intellect as well. He is clearly the best of the best and, along with X-7 and X-9, one of only three who survive and are congratulated by Marine BRIGADIER GENERAL HOWARD “SNUB” WILSON, who is commander of the SMG (Special Missions Group), a highly classified black project within the shadow U.S. government.
      General Wilson has one remaining test that Thirteen must pass. In order to demonstrate his complete loyalty and obedience, Wilson shows Thirteen a puppy. It’s cute and only weeks old and whimpers as the General hands Thirteen a gun with a silencer attached. He asks Thirteen if he likes puppies, which Thirteen answers in the affirmative. “Good, because this little guy is your enemy and needs to be terminated! Thirteen turns to Wilson not understanding. “Kill it, I said!” Hesitating, Thirteen utters the word “Sir” before being cut off by an apoplectic superior officer who barks, “Shoot the damn dog!
      Thirteen makes an instant decision that changes the course of history.
      Overpowering Wilson, he confines him in a supply closet. Taking the puppy with him, moments later he slips into the cockpit of a secret SR-75 spy plane in a nearby hanger. He fires the aircraft’s engines, opens the giant hanger doors and taxis out into the desert.
      With a roar from its immensely powerful engines, the spy plane blasts into the sky and heads out over the Pacific towards Asia.
      At SMG’s Command Center in Colorado, GENERAL DAVID DIXON, the senior military officer on SMG’s advisory committee, is alerted that the aircraft has been stolen. Wilson is quickly freed from confinement. Dixon orders that the aircraft should be destroyed before it can fall into Chinese hands. A self-destruct mechanism is standard equipment aboard such an exotic craft.
      High over the Pacific Ocean, Thirteen monitors the communications between Dixon and Wilson in Nevada and realizes they have locked in on his RFID chip. He digs the chip from his arm with a laser knife showing no pain. And seconds before his aircraft is destroyed, he tucks the puppy into his flight suit and separates from the SR-75 inside the crew escape pod. He plunges through storm clouds towards the earth.
      Dixon remarks over the communication circuit, “There goes a billion dollars!” It is not clear if he is referring to the aircraft, X-13, or both.
      High above the Philippine island of Luzon, the pod parachute opens and malfunctions. Thirteen’s body smashes into the jungle treetops with an impact that would kill an ordinary human.
      When he regains consciousness on the ground, he is surrounded by a group of native tribesmen.
      LAURA LA VALLIER leans over the pilot that the Igorot natives recovered from the jungle. She is a volunteer American nurse from Texas and part of a medical action group that treats impoverished tribal groups in Asia.
      When Thirteen awakes he is immediately shows concern for his puppy. But the animal has survived the crash dive and is playing with the village children. When asked for his name, Thirteen replies with the only name that he has ever known, “X… X Thirteen.”
      Later, Thirteen is surprised to find that he is somehow familiar with these Igorot people, even understanding and speaking their language.
      Laura is completely baffled by this man. He is a freak of nature. He does not eat. He requires no food and little water to drink. His recovery is miraculous. But he is a military man, probably a spy, although he denies it and trained to kill. That just isn’t where she’s coming from. He is quite handsome, all muscle, and shows a remarkable compassion for the natives and his puppy. He and the village chief, TEPEYEC, get on quite well.
      Back in the U.S., a quick reaction team is being dispatched to the Philippines to recover the body and debris from the crash. Wilson will lead the effort.
      When search helicopters past over the village, Thirteen is alarmed. He knows that SMG is closing in on him and it is only a matter of time before they check this village. He warns the chief that his presence has placed the village in danger. The Chief orders the village evacuated. Only he and Thirteen will remain. A vehicle is sent to pick up Laura and return her to her base station in the mountain town of Baguio.
      Wilson’s search team finds debris but no body. The escape pod is empty. The search turns into a manhunt. Laura’s vehicle is stopped at a roadblock where she is shown a picture Thirteen. He has been labeled a terrorist. She is shocked. Her driver reveals the name of the village they came from. Wilson’s team is alerted.
      Wilson’s blue team closes in on the village and surrounded by snipers. But Thirteen is able to outwit them and kills them both just as Wilson’s attack helicopter arrives. The village Chief shouts in defiance but Wilson has him gunned down. In despair, Thirteen escapes into the jungle. To cover their tracks, he knows they will now come after Laura and eliminate her. He is a top secret soldier and she knows his identity. They will not allow her to live.
      Thirteen reaches Baguio the next morning and contacts Laura. When she joins him at the central marketplace they are spotted by Wilson’s blue team members and a battle begins. Thirteen steals a motorbike and they flee through the streets as helicopter gunships fire at them from above. All is mayhem and chaos in the city. Some of this action is caught on cellphone cameras and is instantly on the worldwide internet. Thirteen crashes through a go-go bar and is forced to abandon the bike. They transfer to a beer truck as insanity and terror reigns. Wilson will stop at nothing and shoots at anything that moves.
      At last the couple reaches the Baguio Airport where Thirteen steals a Cessna. They escape to Manila where Thirteen reaches out to a contact in Chinatown. There he obtains forged documents that will allow them both to get back to the United States.
      Meanwhile, the news media has been told that Muslim terrorists are responsible for the deadly attack that hit Baguio and arrests are expected soon.
      The couple clears customs in Los Angeles and heads for Las Vegas. Thirteen has no idea of who he really is. He has a vague memory of a life as a child, with a dog, and spending time in the same village he seems to have been mysteriously drawn back to when he escaped from the Nevada test site. He knows that he was cloned from someone special and the only person that can answer that question and give him some peace of mind is DR. LEON FOWLER, the assistant to the late Dr. Baker, the lead scientist who created him.
      In Vegas they spot Fowler as he exits the special government flight from the test site at Area 51. They follow him to Lake Mead where he boards a house boat for a family outing. While swimming near the houseboat he is abducted by Thirteen and brought to shore for questioning. Fowler offers very little information. While they talk, Laura phones a relative in Texas and asks them to get in touch with Texas CONGRESSMAN DOMINIC SCALIA and let him know that what is going on.
      Later, in a motel room, the couple watches a video replay of Fowler’s revelations. Tears begin to roll down Thirteen’s face. Laura is moved and tells him, “Machines don’t cry. You’re more human than you think.”
      The next day Fowler is rounded up by his superiors. His missing time away from the boat hasn’t gone unnoticed. Fowler tells them about meeting Thirteen.
      Wilson now knows his quarry is nearby. He canvases the city with reinforcements. There will be no escape for the couple this time.
      In Washington, CIA Agent RUSS BELL, a SMG operative confronts Scalia and warns him not to pursue any inquiries about the incident in Baguio. Scalia is shocked that they knew he had been contacted. He is told that all calls concerning national security are monitored. Scalia is outraged! Bell warns him that if he doesn’t cooperate, he might die of cancer. “People in Washington die of cancer every day.”
      Thirteen and Laura are staying at a strip hotel attempting to hide among the tourists. While Laura is downstairs in the restaurant having a meal, she sees armed men rush into the hotel and head for the stairs. She calls Thirteen on her cell phone and warns him.
      He steps onto the balcony and crosses over to the one adjacent. When the raiders break i8nto his room they find it empty. Meanwhile, Thirteen edges into the outside corridor from the adjacent room and snatches a soldier. Striping the soldiers of his weapons, Thirteen manages to catch the raiders off guard and kills them all before fleeing to the hotel garage where he joins Laura. They escape onto Las Vegas Blvd. Overhead, a helicopter gunship gives chase. Laura takes the wheel allowing Thirteen to return fire.
      His deadly accurate bullets badly damage the helicopter. It goes out of control, losing a rotor blade just before it slams into the lake in front of the Bellagio Hotel. The errant rotor blade shatters a giant neon display across the boulevard and the lights on the strip go out.
      Later, a TV reporter announces they the drug violence south of the border has spilled over into Las Vegas.
      Thirteen and Laura travel north into Utah. They decide to abandon their stolen vehicle and find a new source of transport. They try hitchhiking. An older woman in a pickup truck stops to give them a lift. MABEL PRESTON and her husband, CARL, are retired and have a small farm nearby. The couple is invited to dinner.
      Carl’s health is failing and he no longer has time to do maintenance on the Maule aircraft he keeps in his barn. Thirteen offers to help.
      Thirteen realizes he must get Laura back to Texas where she can receive protection from here family, freeing him up to continue to seek information about his true nature. Meanwhile, Wilson’s people are hot on the trail.
      As Thirteen puts the final repairs to Carl’s small plane, he fails to notice approach of two armed Red Team operatives. Before they can train their weapons on him, Mabel finishes them off with a shotgun blast from the porch. She is familiar with these cloned human slaves who work for the government, the ones who have no souls.
      Mabel tells Laura and Thirteen to take the plane and fly to Texas. “Dr. Baker is expecting you.” It comes as a shock to hear that Baker is still alive and that Carl and Mabel know him.
      After Laura and Thirteen depart, X-7 arrives, looking for his two friends who Mabel killed. When she tries to do the same with him, her shots are ineffective. The older couple dies in a hail of gunfire from the Blue Team.
      The couple gets to Texas safely. They land on a ranch of Laura’s relatives near San Antonio. Thirteen feels like an outcast. When he checks old messages on his laptop, he recalls a remark made by Carl Preston that he resembles a well-known Senator from Florida. When Thirteen “googles” the Senator, his own face appears. Confused, he also sees the clips of he and Laura in both Baguio and Vegas.
      While Thirteen ponders his own sanity, he observes Laura riding her favorite horse. Then out of the sky a raven drops him a note. It’s an invitation to come to San Antonio. Thirteen is stunned! He knows this is a message from Dr. Lyle Baker.
      At a restaurant in the Riverwalk Area of downtown San Antonio, Thirteen is again visited by the ravens who warn him of impending danger. He and Laura have been tracked to the city by the blue team. Their assassins are everywhere. Thirteen springs into action, quickly killing two, then a third attacker as he and Laura flee back their hotel.
      Waiting for them at the hotel are more killers. Finally, commandeering a hook and ladder fire engine, they race through the congested streets smashing cars as both the police and the blue team gives chase. X-7 is in command of the pursuit and his bloodlust is intense. Massive and utter destruction occurs to downtown San Antonio – spectacular car crashes, vehicles plunging into the river, explosions, and fires – ending at the Alamodome Arena where the World Championship Bull Riding event is in progress. Thirteen steers his vehicle into the arena. All bulls penned inside are released when barriers collapse. This results in chaos and becomes a spectacle for the shocked bull riding fans.
      But the bulls are too much even for X-7. He is torn apart.
      Meanwhile, overhead the city, a strange cloud appears. This is the cloaking mechanism for the TR-3 Astra spacecraft, another advanced vehicle constructed in great secrecy by the SMG engineers and scientists. On board in General Wilson and staff. They have pulled out all stops to round up Thirteen and Laura.
      But the couple has disappeared. Thirteen is slightly wounded. In disguise they are again instructed by the ravens to head for the famous Alamo nearby. Thirteen recognizes the cloud for what it is – Wilson’s reconnaissance craft shrouded from public view.
      In the plaza of the Alamo, the ravens deliver a hologram device. Dr. Baker’s image appears. He instructs them to go outside and find a ride that will be waiting for them. The Hernandez Brothers – CHIO and RICO, San Antonio morticians, are waiting in a hearse to take them to see Dr. Baker.
      At the mortuary, Dr. Baker is waiting. In the basement is his secret laboratory. He explains to the couple that he has been tracking them from the beginning, that he faked his death because he knew that once the truth about X-Thirteen was discovered, he would be found liable and likely put to death by the vengeful SMG operatives. And that terrible truth is – X-Thirteen has been cloned, indeed, from the charismatic Senator Barnes of Florida. Barnes, who was purported to be lost when his plane crashed in the Caribbean, is still alive and being held at Site B near San Antonio, in the same secret laboratory where Thirteen and all the other super soldiers were created. It will be Thirteen’s job to break into the lab and bring the Senator out.
      Meanwhile, Dr. Baker will be leaving to meet with President Blake and inform him of the latest developments and excesses of the SMG committee, which has reached a serious level. Thirteen has many questions that Baker promises will be answered at a later date. It is critical that Barnes be rescued before Wilson decides to kill him. And Baker knows of a secret entrance to Site B.
      PRESIDENT BLAKE stops his golf cart and tells his men he is taking a break. He walks to a nearby pond where Baker is waiting. As old friends from their college days, they are able to exchange frank opinions. Baker fills the President in on what he knows that SMG is up to. The President is not pleased and realizes he must move up his timetable for a secret international conference to be held at Camp David. After meeting Baker, he informs his Chief of Staff of the plan. A date is set.
      That evening, Thirteen and Laura are driven by hearse to the remote hill country area where Site B is located. Thirteen and Laura find access to a hidden tunnel that allows them to enter the underground laboratory. They use several electronic devices to conceal their movements as they penetrate the site where they locate the Senator and escort him to freedom. An alarm is triggered and Thirteen releases a dozen chimpanzees that provide enough confusion with the security forces until they escape.
      Meanwhile, the TR-3 is still hovering over the city. General Dixon is furious with Wilson for having failed once more in his mission. But Wilson has a plan. He must isolate Laura from Thirteen and abduct her. Once that happens, he will control events.
      Laura is creeped out by the funeral home. She needs to do some shopping. All of her clothes and other necessities were abandoned when she fled the downtown hotel. A shopping center and an outdoor market is located nearby. While Barnes and Thirteen catch up and compare notes, she goes shopping.
      The sky above the marketplace darkens and Laura glances up.
      An alarm aboard the TR-3 sounds. Facial recognition scanning devices have located a target. Wilson dispatches a blue team ground unit. On her walk back to the mortuary, Laura is abducted.
      When Laura is late in returning, Thirteen becomes alarmed. His laptop signals a message. It’s from Wilson. Thirteen is given instructions to come alone to a location in the Louisiana swamps if he wishes Laura to live.
      An airboat speeds across the swamp. A lone figure steers the boat. Perched atop a platform beneath a hovering mist of cloud is the lonely figure of Laura. The airboat stops at the foot of the platform and motions for Laura to descend. She does so and speaks briefly with the figure. Aboard the shrouded TR-3 above, Wilson confirms on his scanner that Thirteen is the one Laura is speaking to. He is about to zap them both with his particle beam weapon when Dixon intervenes. “Make sure before it’s him before you kill him. This could be a trick.”
      Laura is allowed to leave in the airboat. But when the figure is finally confronted they learn that it is the Senator who has taken Thirteen’s place. Dixon immediately informs Wilson that he is taking over command of the mission.
      An emergency committee meeting is held. All agree that the conference at Camp David cannot be allowed to go forth. Their future, their very lives are at stake. If their secret is revealed to the world as the President intends, then worldwide chaos will reign. And they all will be held personally liable.
      Thirteen, Dr. Baker and Laura arrive by Marine helicopter at Camp David. They are driven to their living quarters and briefed by one of the secret service agents that the President has assigned to them. There could be trouble from SMG and the Camp is on high alert.
      Not far away at the committee headquarters, Dixon meets with the commander of the unit that will attack Camp David – a Jihadist, a Middle East terrorist.
      Delegates from eight nations arrive for the conference. Thirteen and Laura are seated with Dr. Baker in the conference room. The President greets everyone and introduces Dr. Baker.
      High above Camp David the TR-3 moves into position. Dixon is in charge. Wilson is fuming, anger at being demoted to nothing. Senator Barnes is confined to a room on board. He seems to sense what is about to happen.
      The CAP (Combat Air Patrol) of two F-16s above Camp David does not detect the TR-3 as it moves into position. As Dixon receives word from below that Dr. Baker is beginning his address, Dixon orders the attack to begin.
      The two F-16s are both hit by a blast from the TR-3 main weapon system – a powerful particle beam weapon that was developed as part of the “Star Wars” program. The aircraft are blown out of the sky. A shockwave reverberates over Camp David. A klaxon alarm sounds.
      The meeting is interrupted by the senior Secret Service agent and everyone is ordered to evacuate to the underground bunker. They all are ushered out including Dr. Baker and Laura. Thirteen senses danger and lingers behind.
      At NORAD, an alarm goes off. Extra fighters are scrambled. Reinforcements are dispatched to Camp David.
      Outside the conference center, a mist descends over the compound almost reaching the ground. A ramp is lowered from the mist and down it rushes Jihadists wearing gas masks. The first Marines are caught off guard. Gunfire erupts. The mist boils over them. They begin to gag. The air has been poisoned.
      Thirteen peers through the window. At his back the last remaining agent is yelling for him to come. He waves the man away.
      A marine stumbles through the entrance door and collapses, dead. Thirteen steps over and begins to strip him of his armor and weapons. A terrorist appears in the doorway. Thirteen guns him down. The gas does not affect him.
      In a blaze of movement and unbelievable steps, Thirteen begins to take out the terrorists one by one.
      Dixon sees this on his video screens. In the bunker below, the President, the delegates, Baker and Laura also witness the battle on the camp’s HD security cameras.
      A blast of heat and light zips past Thirteen. Dixon has engaged his particle beam weapon, but Thirteen moves too quickly for the weapon to follow. Dixon orders it to be fired in a continuous sweep. The beam destroys everything in its path – buildings, trees and people. But something unusual happens when it reaches the solar panels mounted to one side of the Presidential conference center. Thirteen has pivoted the panel on their moorings and some of the particle beam is reflected back to its source for a few instants before it destroys each panel.
      A shudder goes through the TR-3 as it suddenly loses power. Its systems begin to go off-line and shut down as the beam system breaks down. Circuit breakers pop. Dixon shouts orders impossible to be obeyed. In the confusion, Wilson slips out a long bladed weapon and stabs Dixon in the heart. The General collapses as Wilson smirks.
      The TR-3 crashes onto the treetops. The mist shroud vanishes. Thirteen finds a hatch, opens it and enters the craft.
      In the lower engine compartment, emergency lights are glowing. X-9 enters holding a weapon. The two soldiers face off. In a blur of motion their fight to the death begins. In a complex movement of attack, counterattack, the speed and skill of movement is almost supernatural. X-9 knows all the dirty tricks and he knows the chamber well. He has secreted weapons everywhere and uses them to catch Thirteen off guard. And finally, Thirteen makes a fatal error. X-9 presses in for the kill. It becomes a contest of force of will.
      Thirteen is pinned. X-9 presses his weapon closer, deeper, penetrating Thirteen’s chest, only inches away from destroying him. From the corner of his eye, Thirteen catches a glimpse of a power screw driver, but it is just out of reach. He frees his hand and reaches for it – his only chance to live – but it is inches away.
      Senator Barnes sees this in his mind’s eye. He concentrates with all his power.
      The screw driver moves. It slaps into Thirteen’s hand and he stabs it into his attacker’s throat. X-9 is shocked. The tool drills into his skull, probing his brain. Sparks fly. He backs away, freeing Thirteen.
      Both badly wounded. As their bodies begin to repair themselves at a rapid pace, thirteen has regained the upper hand. X-9 relents and begs Thirteen to spare, knowing the latter has a weakness, a weakness for compassion. When Thirteen hesitates, X-9 gets the opening he needs and goes for a hidden weapon. But Thirteen has anticipated this. He steps in and kicks the weapon away and finishes X-9.
      The delegates are flown away. The conference is postponed. The White House shocks the world when it announces that Camp David has been attacked by Jihadists, but no American officials were killed. Several Marines lost their lives defending the camp.
      The Air Force shot down an aircraft that penetrated the air defense zone. The media buzzes for information.
      A few weeks later, Thirteen, Laura and Senator Barnes have returned to the Igorot village in the Philippines. It is apparent that a romantic relationship between Laura and Senator Barnes is developing. Those types of feelings are alien to Thirteen who is enjoying the time with the puppy, Sport, and the village children.
      As dusk descends, a light appears above the jungle canopy. It grows large and takes on the appearance of a silent craft.
      Thirteen races back to join Laura and the Senator. They look up at the object. Fear and concern are obvious on the faces of Laura and Thirteen. But the Senator simply smiles. “My friends have come for a visit.”