Art - Culture - Development 2021

The Dalton brothers, the fourth generation of a circus family, have traveled the world experiencing success and failure. Today in Catalonia a new generation, the Carp Revolució will receive the history of the circus, where magic, memory and the future will be the protagonists

    • Year of production
    • 2021
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    • Art - Culture, Documentary
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    • The Dalton brothers are the fourth generation of a family of circus artists. Three women and one man, the youngest of almost 60, the only one active today. Crossed by the circus tradition of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, born in Argentina, they have traveled the world with their acrobatic and balanced acts, they have made a nomadic life with applause, adventure and rigor, they have known success and failure.
      From a tough parenting, to the punches, to a demiurge and cruel father, the circus has come to them as a unique and challenging world, and has put them to the test every time: being a circus artist is a wonderful brand that is carried by life. Now older, in a new century, rooted in Catalonia and Andorra, each interprets that legacy to tell us about their childhood, their dreams and secrets, about their lives, and maybe, about the fate that the circus still has to embody. .
      In an essential counterpoint, a new generation incarnated by the members of the Carp Revolución, assembled in Sant Pere de Ribes de Catalunya, will add their views, their experiences and their new challenges, and will host the four brothers, in the which promises to be an encounter not only with the past, but with the future, with the magic that fate holds for the circus and its noble figures.