Action/Adventure - Development 2020

1890. British Imperial India
A lapsed Catholic Gurkha officer protects a devout Afghan prince from maniac fanatics after having killed the boy's bodyguard...

    • Year of production
    • 2020
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 120 mn
    • Writer(s)
    • Tadhg O'DUINNIN
    • Synopsis
    • Gurkhas fight their way up a dark mountainside - the fiercest warriors on the North West Frontier. Their officer is Devlin – a hard-bitten Irish Captain. A lifetime of war has wearied him, his Catholicism has lapsed and all that remains is the guilt.
      As rebellion sets the region ablaze his superiors find a new job for him: two politicians need an escort up into the Hindu Kush on a diplomatic mission.
      Safar Ali’s fort lies in a strategically vital pass – and the British need to influence him before the Russians get the same idea.
      But Safar Ali has house guests: Fanatic Warlord Mektar, Russian ‘explorer’ Karenski – and Prince Imran, marked for death by many on the frontier, with his huge bodyguard Zaidullah.
      And so Devlin finds himself in a web of Pashtun intrigue.
      Alone in the night with his hip flask, Devlin is mistaken for an assassin by Zaidullah and attacked.
      The Irishman must kill Zaidullah to survive – but with his bodyguard dead, Imran is now politically isolated, and vulnerable.
      Devlin and The Gurkhas are therefore tasked with protecting the prince.
      Imran as a devout Moslem hates Devlin for his godless nature, and guarding him proves a difficult and thankless task – but after many hardships they reach Peshawar and safety.
      Imran warms to the Gurkhas, admiring their dignity, strength and prowess. When the fanatics discover his hiding place the Gurkhas stand guard again as Imran and Devlin try to escape.
      More travellers join them – an arms dealer and his wife, a mysterious Frenchman, shady journalist Fisk and Quinn – who knows too much about the Fanatics’ plans.
      Stranded in hostile wilderness after a terrible betrayal Imran and Devlin are separated from the Gurkhas. They argue, and Imran runs off into the hills with Devlin tracking him – right into an ambush.
      Devlin’s only hope lies with Amanullah – wiliest and fiercest of the Pashtun Warlords. Even the Fanatics fear this greybeard for his ‘madness’ – but Amanullah has a serious bone to pick with Devlin.
      Drawn back into the labyrinth of caves below Safar Ali’s fort, the Pashtun intrigue explodes into war, the true nature of Amanullah’s madness is revealed, and Devlin finds a kind of faith again, as the Fanatics attack, and the last six Gurkhas draw their kukhris.