Comedy - Development 2022

A spirited young woman unexpectedly inherits a remote New Zealand vineyard, quits her high profile Taipei job, abandons her dull boyfriend, and attempts a new life as a genteel winemaker in the rural town of Tuai – Population: 180 Humans… 500,000 Sheep.

For a big city girl, what could go wrong?

    • Year of production
    • 2022
    • Genres
    • Comedy, TV Series, Romance
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 30 mn
    • Producer(s)
    • Maria LO ORZEL (Studio Strada), Jewel LAI (Dot Connect Studios)
    • Synopsis
    • MONA YANG, a spirited 20-something graphics designer with self-esteem issues, finds herself frustrated by the world around her. Life has become dull. Even predictable.

      Case in point. NICK LIM, her boring wealthy boyfriend dresses, eats and does everything the same every day. To say he is risk-averse is an understatement.

      It all comes to a head when Nick proposes to Mona during his parents’ 35th Wedding Anniversary celebration. Enough is enough.

      The next day, Mona abandons life in Taipei for New Zealand when she unexpectedly inherits a remote vineyard and sheep farm. Located on the outskirts of the rustic village of Tuai, the estate was the pride of PATRICK WENTWORTH, an eccentric New Zealand industrialist.

      Out of her depth, Mona is joined by her friend SOPHIE LOWE, who shows the same winemaking ineptness.
      To top it off, Sophie’s 6 months pregnant. Or is it 9 months? She isn’t sure. Sophie thought she was just overeating.

      Meanwhile, Nick pines for Mona. JASPER SONG, Nick’s uninhibited best mate, has a plan. Nick must become a new man to get her back. And that requires “change”… a word that strikes fear into Nick’s heart.

      As things develop, JESSICA WENTWORTH (Patrick’s 3rd wife) and the Wentworth clan scheme to reclaim the vineyard.

      But Mona has a goal. A new life as a genteel winemaker in the quirky town of Tuai – Population: 180 Humans… 500,000 Sheep.

      Untrained. Inexperienced. Out of her element. What’s a big city girl like Mona to do?
    • Production schedule
    • In development. [30 minute TV series - 10 Epsiodes]