By Pierre LE ROUX


Drama - Completed 2016

In the year 2064, after a dreaded civil war, Vlieëkraal, a
small town in the Karoo faces desiccation at the hands of an
illegal ’fracking’ mining company, but, one man - a dark
stranger with an unknown past - arrives and changes the town
destiny in a bloody battle for the preservation of a way of life.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Pierre LE ROUX
    • Synopsis
    • The year is 2064, 50 years after President Nelson Mandela
      died and four years after the end of the most destructive
      civil war South Africa, and the world, have ever seen. A boy
      BOB looks over the Vlieëkraal Valley with his binoculars,
      the Karoo is dry and barren, a wasteland tainted
      by the scourge of war and dotted with massive fracking
      towers - poisoning the last ounces of life left in the
      BOB’s gaze is suddenly drawn to a cloud of billowing dust
      behind an old customized chopper. The rider is SHAUN, lean,
      rugged and tall, the lapel of his coat hosts a golden laurel
      and dagger - a Recce badge. SHAUN comes to a sign, left to
      ’Vlieëkraal Farm,’ a peaceful farmhouse, and right to
      ’Mining Operations,’ tall fracking towers shrouded in
      smog. Two MINERS, drunk and rowdy, pester SHUAN and try to
      steal his chopper, he swiftly dispenses them, jumps on his
      chopper, turns left and rides to the farmhouse.
      BOB looks down the driveway and SHAUN is riding up. JOE
      STRAGGEN stands behind his son and together they greet the
      stranger as he uses some water from their tap. Sensing a
      goodwill in SHAUN, JOE asks him to stay the night, SHAUN
      accepts. SHAUN spends time with the family, JOE shows him
      his plan to turn the underground into fertilizer for the
      Karoo, SHAUN sees the fracking towers in the
      distance. Eating breakfasts made by JOE’s wife MARIAN and
      discussing the city, SHAUN ingratiates himself with the
      family and earns the admiration of young
      BOB. Hoany real information about himself, but he displays his
      protective nature when he prevents JOE being swindled by a
      wever, during this time SHAUN does not reveal