Crime - Pre-Production 2016

After being released from jail, Randal King must embark on a mission to save his struggling brother’s family, challenging himself, and waging war with the most powerful criminal in the city in order to claim revenge for the ones he loves.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Crime, Thriller, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Adam MARCUS, Debra SULLIVAN
    • Synopsis
    • The King brothers, Randal and Martin King, put family first. When the brothers and their crew find themselves in the middle of a heist gone wrong, Randal, the older brother takes it upon himself to get his younger brother, Martin, to safety. During the heist, Randal aka “King” takes a hit for the team and is caught and sentenced for six years in prison.
      Upon release, King reunites with his brother but is still infuriated with him, being the sole reason for his capture six years ago. Yearning for forgiveness, Martin promises a heist to end all heists; one that will enrich their lives so greatly that their financial woes will be forever put to rest. Reluctant to enlist in yet another risky crime thrilling expedition, King soon understands the gravity behind what his younger brother has assembled.
      Martin has confidential information pertaining to a high-ranking U.S. Commander whose recent missions in the Middle East have befallen him an enormous sum of cash totaling $100 million. The Commander plans to have all the cash safely escorted in a bread truck once it lands safely on American soil. King accepts Martin’s proposition to pull off the heist, knowing what is at stake, and together, they reassemble their old team one man at a time.
      On the day the money arrives, the team is ready– Martin trails the truck into a restricted area. Once in position, other members of the team deploy gasoline on the road ahead and fakely warrant a construction zone that halts the armored truck. But the plan goes awry – the truck attempts a get away around the oil spill. In a series of incredible action sequences, the team overpowers the truck with its Mad Max like supercharged vehicles to force it to drive straight into a big rig 18 wheeler, trapping the armed escort and successfully capturing the big prize.
      Celebrations cease when Martin reveals more information. The job intel came from a man who was indirectly linked to another crime gang – a gang run by the notorious McDaniels, a name feared among crooks. McDaniels gets word of what Martin and his team have pulled off. King rushes to Martin’s house to find his wife shot dead with Martin gasping his last breath on the floor. Martin entrusts King to safeguard his young teenage son, Avery, as his dying wish and with that, King grabs the boy and escapes before anyone else arrives.
      King discovers that McDaniels has killed his entire crew – except one man – Dex, who has hidden all the cash in a large industrial loft. McDaniels gets word and sends his guys. King and Dex try to evacuate Avery and Kristina (King’s ex-girlfriend) from the building but their plan is foiled by a vicious gunfight that leaves Kristina killed. Avery is then apprehended by McDaniel’s attackers. With Kristina dead and Avery captured, King goes on a rampage, killing his attackers using the clutter to his advantage. He slays man after man, runs out of bullets and then resorts to knifes, hammers, gasoline, the works.
      Bloodied to a pulp, King finds the h