By Ken IIZUKA, Koto NAGATA, Takayuki TAKUMA, Keinosuke HARA, Mitsuhito FUJII, Santa YAMAGISHI, Hidehiro ITO

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Romance - Completed 2016

A local radio in Yokohama broadcasts the series of ‘unrequited love stories’ posted by listeners, and the program consistes seven bitter-sweet stories.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Romance
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0.6 - 1 M$
    • Duration
    • 123 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Ken IIZUKA, Koto NAGATA, Takayuki TAKUMA, Keinosuke HARA, Mitsuhito FUJII, Santa YAMAGISHI, Hidehiro ITO
    • Writer(s)
    • Ken IIZUKA, Koto NAGATA, Takayuki TAKUMA, Santa YAMAGISHI, Hidehiro ITO
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • Toru Misaki was once a popular singer, but now his wife has left him, and spends most of his days drowning his sorrows in alcohol. Yui, Toru’s director for the radio show he hosts, tends to be verbally harsh with him, but trusts him implicitly. One day, a special seven-week series begins in which Toru introduces stories of one-sided attraction, sent in by listeners. The program’s title is “Unrequited Love.”

      The first episode is “MY NICKNAME is BUTATCHI.”
      Nomura and Satakehave been friends since childhood. Nomura was given the nickname “Butatchi” by Satake because she was always covered in scabs when they were little, and now she is secretly attracted to him...

      The next week, the frequently late Misaki arrives at the studio early for a change, surprising his colleagues.

      The second week’s episode is “My Sweet Cactus.”
      Hopeless new employee Toru Kinoshita is no match for his sharp-tongued supervisor Saki Imai. She is most definitely not his type of woman, until he sees a surprising new side of her...

      Yui finds Misaki in a drunken self-loathing state, and tells him firmly: “I like you more now, even though you’re not popular anymore.”

      The third week’s episode is “Something Blue.”
      The shy and awkward Nozomi plucks up the courage to enter a hair salon, and falls for stylist Shinichi who makes her look more beautiful than ever before. However, he is engaged to be married...

      With every passing week, Misaki starts to change, little by little. While engaging in lively conversation in the studio with his workmates, Yui learns that his wife wants a divorce.

      The fourth week’s episode is “One-Sided Love Spiral.”
      South Korean student Seo-yeon is female, but dresses boyishly and looks like a handsome young man. After becoming fond of her roommate Yuki , she goes against her feelings to help set Yuki up with her male friend Hajime...

      On the way to the radio station, Misaki bumps into Yui who seems to be more gloomy than usual, but can’t bring himself to be straight with her, and ends up joking around as usual.

      The fifth week’s episode is “My Secret Love.”
      “I’m taken,” says Mana, always lying to guys she meets so that she can have fun with them, no strings attached. That is until she meets the pure and earnest Makoto, and falls in love with him...

      Misaki learns from one of his colleagues that Yui owns all of his songs. Her birthday is just around the corner.

      The sixth week’s episode is “Summer Pickles.”
      The strong-willed Fuka finds herself stuck living with her cousin Kaname over the summer holidays. Gradually, she opens her heart to him, and their days together take on a special meaning...

      Misaki peers into the window of a store selling ornaments.

      The seventh week’s episode is “Gift of Christmas Eve.”Apprentice caregiver Yoshinari joins the staff of a nursing home where Misato works. He has a special tough with the elderly residents, even a difficult woman like Shizuka...

      Yui’s birthday finally comes around, and Misaki makes up his mind...