By Trevor MELVIN


Thriller - Development 2018

Deep in the English forest of 1926 we're about to witness one of the wildest and most mythic manhunts ever...

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Historical
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Trevor MELVIN
    • Producer(s)
    • Tom GEORGE (Principal Film Finance), Andy THOMPSON (Principal Film Finance), Trevor MELVIN
    • Synopsis
    • ALBERT EBENEZER FOX and his twin brother EBENEZER ALBERT FOX are England's greatest poachers.

      The Twin Foxes are legendary, fabled poachers who are skilled in woodcraft, magick and mayhem. The brothers have hunted on the great country estates and committed literally thousands of offences over the years, but they are, in truth, uncatchable.

      Lord Hugo De'ath - aka RED HUNTING COAT - is a young and ruthless aristocrat who has had enough of the Foxes antics and effrontery. He has just inherited his vast country estate and decides to deal with these two outlaws, who have been stealing game from his father's land for many decades, by hiring the ultimate tracker called THE WOODSMAN to finally hunt them down.

      The Woodsman is a legend all his own.

      Young, intense, wordless, with a mythic thousand-yard stare, he is as gifted as The Twin Foxes in all areas of poaching and woodcraft. It seems that if anyone can ever finish them, it is The Woodsman.

      The Woodsman seeks out The Twin Foxes and then plays cat and mouse with the brothers; taunts them and even manages to outwit them in an epic combat. He rattles them like no one else they have ever met.

      The battle against them reaches a crescendo of madness as The Woodsman captures KIT NASH, the fence and lover of both Twins. The Twins are forced to carry out an occult-inspired "Psychic Attack" against him. The event triggers deep memories and flashbacks within The Woodsman as we learn who he really is and what brought him to this place.

      Given up for dead by The Foxes, The Woodsman strangely revivifies and tries to kill Lord Hugo De'ath in one final defiant act of his existence. Red Hunting Coat is forced to kill The Woodsman in the ensuing struggle.

      Red Hunting Coat lets The Twin Foxes think they are safe, but in reality he pursues them with even greater vigour, ambushing them in an apocalyptic music hall shootout.

      Red Hunting Coat succeeds in finishing The Twin Foxes, but they prove his nemesis in death too. Red Hunting Coat has become strangely cursed for daring to hunt down The Twins. Red Hunting Coat begins to physically suffer and grow prematurely old as his estate withers around him, leaving him a haunted, burnt-out man in his echoing mansion.

      At once beautiful and cruel, this is a story taking us to a different realm of intensity - but what we will really taste is Nature itself, red in tooth and claw. As The Twin Foxes always said about themselves: "We're as ruthless as nature, no more, no less…”