Comedy - Development 2017

A middle-aged hardware store owner who posts tutorial videos online suddenly finds he’s the victim of an humiliating and widespread meme and must set out to reclaim his identity and confront the teenage Youtube celebrity who took it from him

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Ali SCHOUTEN, Devin FIELD
    • Producer(s)
    • Anna PATERNOT
    • Synopsis
    • ETHAN HEINEKEY (30s-40s), a hardware store owner, begins his day by creating a Youtube video about how to make a birdhouse. While he films the video, there are a series of mishaps: paint drips and the wood he cuts is mismatched in size. Nevertheless, he loads the video onto Youtube where no one watches it. After he’s finished, he goes to work with MARSHALL , his teenage employee, where Ethan meets SABRINA MILLER (30s). She needs help making a desk, and in the process of helping her, Ethan realizes that she writes a column for the local paper. Meanwhile, JAZERUS (15) is also filming a Youtube video. Instead of being helpful however, he likes to make videos where he insults other Youtube users. Today, he makes fun of a little girl for throwing a temper tantrum. Unlike Ethan’s video, this gets many hits. Unfortunately, Jazerus’ parents, HERB and DIANE, have decided that he needs to get out of the house and away from the Internet. They force Jazerus to help Diane build a birdhouse based on some Pinterest instructions. When those instructions don’t pan out, Jazerus checks Youtube and finds Ethan’s video. Realizing the potential, he instantly uses it for the source of his next diss video. Soon after, Ethan finds out, and he’s heartbroken. He goes to the police, but ADAM, a police officer, tells him that the law has yet to catch up with the Internet, so nothing can be done. Ethan decides the best course of action is to delete the videos altogether. However, he quickly discovers that someone else has now uploaded his videos. Marshall explains to Ethan that nothing disappears off the Internet. Ethan decides the best thing he can do then is to contact Jazerus directly. Jazerus makes fun of him via Skype and records the video. This then becomes the next diss video starring Ethan that Jazerus makes. In the meantime, Sabrina decides that she wants to help Ethan. She convinces her editor to let her write a profile about Ethan. Eventually, Ethan agrees to meet with her, as the town has begun to make fun of him as well. During the interview, Ethan shows her the website he has created to combat Jazerus’ videos. The site is old-looking and only elicits more online trolling from Jazerus and his followers. This pushes Ethan to meet SILAS, one of Jazerus’ former victims. Silas wants to beat Jazerus up, but Ethan doesn’t want to commit violence. He changes his mind though when he has Sabrina over for a date and the date is ruined by delivery men, strippers, and other people who show up on Ethan’s lawn. Things seem to be going well for Jazerus. During chemistry class, he gets a call from JOSH, an ATV network executive who produces shows like the one Jazerus makes. Jazerus is encouraged to continue making diss videos, so that he can become part of the company and make more money. Finally, Jazerus gets a contract for a pilot. His good mood is spoiled though when Ethan shows up at his front door. Ethan wants to stop Jazerus.