True Story - Development 2016

The voiceless, speaking of the poor prisoners, they lose the right to have rights , social sentenced to dehumanization , and has to go through the assembly of the largest slaughter of prisoners in a jail Argentina during the years of State 1978 terrorist .

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • True Story, Thriller
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Writer(s)
    • Marisa MONTES
    • Producer(s)
    • Mariano CAPONE (Producciones Aluvión Zoo)
    • Synopsis
    • The voiceless, is a thriller exploring the bureaucratic and judicial armed silencing the worst slaughter of common prisoners in our country. The events in March 1978, during the military dictatorship, I is muted under the name of the mutiny of mattresses, blaming the victims of his dramatic end.
      This film begins with the story of Daniel Barberis, a witness and author of one of the texts in which this film is based, human rights in another country, who will introduce us to the national and international context intramural prison Devoto in those early months of 1978 where preparations were made global note inside and outside the prison facilities. They know his hand the particularities of the population en masse was staying there and the conditions under which they were.
      We also present to Tolosa, a prisoner in the presence, experience and codes to become quickly a reference, why it's become the scapegoat of the prison service and justice when allocating responsibilities on how were the facts. This story will have a narrator character, it will open the doors to scenes of reality within the prison and to rebuild the pre-slaughter events.

      This story as it progresses over time will be interrupted based on the statements of prison officials scenes, which will be addressed from the reconstruction of the action itself as well as in the instance declaration, adding to the puzzle of how they were acts. Inconsistencies, contradictions and found tales give an idea of ​​the impunity with which killed more than 60 people were silenced and many wounded.
      With a leap into the present in the character of Laura, who will represent Claudia Cesaroni, a lawyer and author of Slaughter in the Seventh Pavilion, and promoter of the reopening of the case, breaks the story in today and will continue in the odyssey get the cause to begin work on the reopening. Convinced that these victims deserve to be recognized as such, we participate in the neglect and abuse that still raw in the corridors of the judiciary, especially when it comes to a case involving the defense of "ordinary" prisoners, the poor prisoners .
      This dramatic thriller that tells facts, will not leave aside the irony and black humor, to address the bungling of the authorities at the time of arming the cause as well as in the eyes of the prisoners about themselves.