Black comedy - Pre-Production 2021

When the notorious Jeff Boyd goes on the run from a mental institution, he triggers a long chain of events that takes him on a global search for love and spiritual meaning.

& Awards

Los Angeles Film Awards 2019
Best Drama Screenplay
Vegas Movie Awards 2020
Best Feature Script
World Cinema Antwerp 2020
Best Unproduced Script
Nice International FIlm Festival 2020
Best Unproduced Script
South Europe International Film Festival 2020
Best Unproduced Script
Jaipur International Film Festival 2021
Top 2 Winner
    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Black comedy, Drama, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Writer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • Jeff Boyd escapes an asylum after his doctor tells him his mental state has improved and he might not be taken
      accountable for a crime he did. He breaks down as he has nowhere to go - his girlfriend Wendy is dead and his only
      friend lives in Australia running a bakery.
      Jeff and his friend Morton are on a road trip in the Outback and pick up two hitchhikers, Wendy and Lucy, who
      talk about a monk in the Balkan mountains they want to visit. But Morton misses a turn, and they all are stranded
      in the desert with the night closing in.
      Meanwhile, in India, guru Majula wants his daughter Prisha to marry Kumaril who she doesn’t want. Majula goes
      into a temple to meditate and returns with a vision about a monk in a cave and a broken man for Prisha to find.
      When Jeff and Morton wake up the next day, they see the girls taking off with their car. Trying to find the way
      back, they almost die in the desert heat but get rescued by Schmitz and his wife, Jeff’s old neighbors. Morton learns
      that Jeff and his dead girlfriend kidnapped the mother of investment mogul Marinin.
      The two go on another road trip, but run into opal miner Rufus who tricks them into a fake deal to explore an opal
      vein. When Jeff is back working at the bakery, Prisha enters the shop and feels the miracle. When she returns the
      next day, she sees Jeff gone.
      Jeff, Mueller, and 5 students are listening to a Monk in a cave, as Prisha joins them at Jeff’s surprise. Morton and
      Frank show up and attack Jeff for stealing money from the bakery and for having built a bomb in Frank’s
      apartment. Mueller gets a call from his boss Marinin and babbles out that Jeff is part of the group. Suddenly,
      everybody starts to behave in a weird manner. Prisha tells Jeff that she put magic mushrooms in the food and they
      have to go to India as she saw danger in the “Sky above and beyond”.
      Majula celebrates Prisha’s return and tells the commune that she has found her new Prince in Jeff. Kumaril leads a
      few locals into the temple who want to kill Majula for having betrayed his people. While Marinin arrives
      confronting Jeff, a group of angry locals starts to chase him running for his life.
      Jeff and Prisha travel to the Balkan mountains to visit the Monk and have another diner with mushrooms.