By Mbali NKOSI


Drama - Completed 2016

When the past catches up with the future and the future becomes the unchangeable
past. One victim: a life time of victims.

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Mbali NKOSI
    • Writer(s)
    • Nomcebo NGEMA
    • Producer(s)
    • Mbali NKOSI, Sharon KHORA
    • Synopsis
    • Present day 2016: A woman lawyer arrives at a room in a mental institution where a young girl
      NOKUBONGA (15) is tied up to a bed and is lightly sedated. The woman lawyer sits next to her and
      proceeds to question her on a life changing event, her shooting a man Nqobile Nxumalo; her sugar
      daddy, her lover. The woman lawyer tapes their conversation as the young girl begins to trace her
      life story that leads her to this moment of her imprisonment. She begins with the story of how she
      discovered the truth about her and her mother.
      It is the past; 1999 when a young woman moves from her rural village to KZN City Centre, all she
      expected was the help and goodness of her mother city, but instead, experiences the worst things
      any woman could imagine. NONTOKOZO (24) eagerly embraces the opportunity of living and
      working in the grand Eastern Coastal City at the invitation of her long dead mother’s old friend
      THANDI (54).
      She finds a job as a live-in house keeper for a handsome young lawyer named RICHARD (35).
      Richard is a very successful lawyer, very intellectual, focused and nerdy looking but still eye candy to
      any young woman. He’s a very cold man who seems to have no emotions regarding woman, in fact
      he seems to be disturbed by the beauty of a woman. His work is his mistress.
      Upon accepting the young and beautiful Nontokozo in his employ, his detachment shows through
      very clearly. However there is a downside to Richards behaviour that begins to catch up with him
      from his past; a flashback of when he was still young at school and an older girl that he had a crush
      on, embarrasses him by making him a laughing stock of the school, making him take off his pants in a
      public display of his genitals for all of the school students to see. The girl in the flashback laughs at
      Richard’s manhood saying it is very small, she also calls him a nerd and says he’ll never amount to
      anything much. The very young Richard stands disgraced, humiliated and emotionally betrayed, he
      cries. To make things worse the young Nontokozo, strangely enough reminds him of that young
      school girl all those many years ago.
      He begins to get extremely vivid flashbacks of the school incident and now Richard is severely and
      emotionally affected by these thoughts. Richard screams and goes crazy as these emotions get a
      hold of him as he takes a shower one fateful night, he rushes out of the shower in a maddened
      frenzy and goes uninvited to Nontokozo’s room and there he forces himself upon her and rapes her.
      Nontokozo tries to fight him off but can’t. Upon withdrawing from her she knocks him on the side of
      the head with a side-table object that makes him exit her room in pain.
      He goes to his room and in a fit of rage passes out cold; she wants to stab at him but can’t.
      She grabs her stuff and runs away that very same night.
      Richard awakes with a hurt head to discover the worst. He now sits alone in an empty