Action/Adventure - Pre-Production 2021

A small town Florida police chief retires and takes his wife on a trip to the small Russian ski village where they once honeymooned, hoping to reconnect after years of drifting apart. But their trip is turned upside down when a group of well-organized criminals take refuge in the town after stealing

    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Synopsis
    • James O’Brien, 50’s, is a detective past his prime, in fact, he’s retiring. His wife, Monica, 50’s, has a thriving career as a nurse, she’s not ready to quit. At James’ surprise retirement party, his son J.R, 30, buys them a trip back to Monica’s home country – the Ukraine. They went on their honeymoon to a ski lodge thirty years ago. J.R. thinks they both need the trip, and they do…
      Michail, his brothers Piotr and Ivan, lead a group of pro-Russian soldiers who hijack a shipment of gold from a Ukrainian military escort and have a plan in place to fly it back to Russia. The plan works until their helicopter runs into terrible snowy weather and they crash land somewhere in the Ukrainian mountainside. With the entire Ukrainian government looking for them, Michail and his brothers must figure out a way off the treacherous snowy mountain with a helicopter full of gold.
      James and Monica travel to the Ukrainian ski lodge. They settle into the romantic, snow covered village, only to bring up simmering problems in their relationship. They are on the verge of breaking up, both being stubborn, when… Michail and his crew invade the village. James manages to get away, but Monica and the rest of the locals are rounded up and held hostage. James is caught without a weapon, so he takes THE OLD GUN, a legendary shotgun, off the ski lodge wall and must take down Michail’s men with only this gun.
      Dmitri, the local Ukrainian detective, runs into James outside of the village. They reluctantly team up to take on Michail’s men, Dmitri wants the gold, James wants his wife. Monica is forced to save the lives of Michail’s wounded soldiers, while hiding who she truly is.
      Michail has more soldiers inbound to airlift the gold out of there, but James and Dmitri have other plans. They come from different worlds, but they are both good at their profession… taking down criminals. James uses THE OLD GUN to cause havoc all over the village and stopping Michail’s ultimate plan of escape.
      James and Dmitri race against the clock to stop Michail from leaving the snowy village at all costs.