Drama - Pre-Production 2019

An African American woman investigative reporter discovers a link between drug trafficking to gangs in the inner city and a powerful white supremacist organization. The mystery thickens when she learns of a dehumanizing conspiracy to eliminate all people of color and her family history holds the key

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Drama, Crime
    • Countries
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Stephen REID
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • The Master Plan
      (Mystery Drama)

      On a late evening a young man, Doug Washington, runs into an old rustic meeting house. Doug, almost out of breath, looks around the room for his friend and mentor, civil rights activist, Harris Tate.
      Harris left and Doug must warn him of the danger he’s in. Doug acquired information that there is a plan to kill Harris and an even greater plan to start an experiment that will effectively destroy millions of people of color.

      Doug arrives at his friend’s house too late. He watches police around Harris’s lifeless body as he was mercilessly shot in his front yard.
      Doug takes off to his house and has his wife, Annie and their young baby daughter, Rosalyn leaves the state of Mississippi and north to his parent’s home in Boston. Doug stays behind to gather more information that will change the history of America will proceed.

      Doug gives his wife papers that are labeled, MP, and has her promise to give these to the correct authorities once she feels trustworthy of them. Annie and baby Rosalyn make a harrowing escape. Unfortunately, Doug never makes it to Boston and is presumed dead.

      In the present, they baby known as Rosalyn is a grown woman with 10 years as a detective and now working as an investigative reporter. Rosalyn befriends a well-known gang leader, Shane, and unwillingly gives her information. Shane’s supplier and business acquaintance is a white man known as Ice. Through a series of deep investigating, Rosalyn finds out that Ice, unknowingly to Shane, is a white supremacist.

      The plot thickens when Rosalyn gets information about a Dossier called MP. Rosalyn keeps coming up on dead ends until a college roommate and fellow reporter, Stacey Taylor, comes to town with somewhat scattered information on MP. As the two work leads on this, Rosalyn’s mother, Annie, overhears them talking about MP. She goes into a panic and pleads with them to halt the investigation.

      Annie tells Rosalyn about the papers she had held onto for all those years. Rosalyn looks at the dossier and is shocked to what she learns.
      Puzzled her mother never gave this to anyone. However, she learns Annie never opened the dossier after Doug went missing. She never trusted anyone.

      Rosalyn and Stacey travel to Mississippi, in order to unravel the secret of the MP and to find out who’s in charge and what is the Grand Master Plan. With a little help from FBI sources and a local retired cop, they realize that one part of the master plan was put in effect in the 1960’s and very well crafted to bring drugs into the inner cities. However, the plan backfired because more white people were dying from drugs. The second part of the master plan comes with a vaccination that will only target people of color.