By Pluton VASI


Black comedy - Post-Production 2017

Diplomacy... Is it a theatre stage?!
Is there a point where you may discern diplomacy from the theatre...

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Black comedy
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0.3 - 0.6 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Pluton VASI
    • Writer(s)
    • Ylljet ALICKA
    • Producer(s)
    • Vjollca DEDEI (ARTFILM P&D)
    • Synopsis
    • Roshi is a 35 year old man, brought up during the communist dictatorship in Albania. He lived in an apartment which happened to be in front of the diplomatic corps building… So, they were neighbours.
      Albania was completely isolated!
      Not only young Roshi but his neighbour friends, his peers, spent most of their day, among other things such as games and the usual engagements of the time, watching every move of the western diplomats.
      Inside that building, beyond those walls and surrounding iron fence, there was a dream “going on”, which was unattainable for the neighbourhood boys and almost for all the boys of the city.
      The western embassies in Albania were like islands were they saw the light and hope… (not accidentally, on July 2, 1991 the majority of the youngsters entered the embassies and asked for political asylum).
      Fortunately for him, after he finished his studies, a few years after the fall of the Berlin wall, Roshi started working as Chief of the Public Relations in the office of the Diplomatic Representation in Albania.
      Roshi had fulfilled the dream all his generation had. He was working with the Westerns for his country.
      Within this representatives there are other locals working in different positions.
      Roshi was assigned by his superiors to carry out the responsibility of public relations. He is diligent and careful at the same time in fulfilling all the duties assigned to him. He prepares the reports and presents the Albanian reality in the representative’s office in accordance to their strategy. These reports regard different fields of the life in his country.
      After some time he noticed that his reports on different events and situations in the field were only archived and not taken into consideration.
      One day, during a random conversation he receives an order from the Deputy Ambassador.
      Roshi is asked to describe the reality of his country under a different optic from what it really is. Most importantly he is asked to leave the analyses to the internationals.
      Fine! There is nothing to be worried, this is the job. Every job has its rules.
      Roshi is asked to conduct a research on the public order and safety. After making the necessary confrontations with the responsible institutions and he verifies many cases in the country, he compiles the report and presents it to his superiors. Not only the report was not taken into consideration but he received a note of warning for dismissal!?!?
      Roshi concludes that the internationals want and continuously attempt to present a difficult reality and a problematic situation in the reports they send to the centre!?
      Beside his conclusion, Roshi is told, almost a duty, to be careful regarding this issue if wants to keep working there. The Head of the Syndicate within the representatives, a fellow Albanian, tells him humorously:
      “The situation here directly impacts the diplomat’s salary… Meaning, the more difficult the situation here the higher the diplomats salaries!”
      The Ambassador is in a relation with a much younger local girl… they live together in an apartment.
      One day the Ambassador receives notice that Suzi, his girlfriend, is cheating on him. This information came from the waiter and main informer of the ambassador, a young Albanian boy.
      The ambassador wants to break up but the girl menaces him and asks for favours. In collaboration with one of the local ministers with whom the ambassador conducts business, under the influence and menacing of the girlfriend they manage to appoint her in one of our embassies in the west… This was to make her close her mouth!
      The group of foreign diplomats, try at all times to serve at their best to the job and at the same time to have good relations with the ambassador… The story between Suzi and the ambassador is not a conspiracy theory, but the ambassador has power over each and every diplomat career!?
      This relationship, on the surface very professional and ethical, episode after episode, reveals a twofaced reality which shocks us, in its true tentative that at times saddens us when we see mockery and cynicism in many of the problems of the Albanian reality…
      Roshi experiences this relation of two standards as a theatre.
      Thanks to his ability and not avoiding the reality in which he lives daily, he decides to write a theatrical piece…
      One day, Roshi invites his colleagues and superiors to see a theatrical piece in the city… It is the piece written by him.
      Its title is “Beyond the facades”!
      All the representatives are present at this event.
      In this performance it is shown the relation and concept that different diplomatic representatives in the country have.
      The next day Roshi is summoned in the Ambassador’s office. A commission has been raised inquiring this issue and the result is Roshi’s job termination.
      The next day the theatre building is surrounded by iron fence and nets.
      Somewhere on a table is written:
      “Reconstruction. Ministry of Culture, City Hall and the Diplomatic Representation”.
      That performance was never put on stage again.