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Crime - Development 2019

Li Seong Geug is a North Korean defector boxing underground in Chinese until he meets Ding Yao, leader of the Poison Snakes. She sends him to Hong Kong to take care of loose ends and to find her husband's killer. The last installments in five new films from the same universe as Young and Dangerous.

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Crime, Action/Adventure, Martial arts
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Synopsis
    • Li Seong-Geug is a North Korea defector who speaks no Mandarin, is illiterate, and fights on the underground boxing rings of Chinese night clubs. After a chance meeting with Ding Yao of the Taiwanese Poison Snakes, Ding Yao asks Li Seong-Geug to join her society. But Li Seong-Geug is uninterested in the triad, until he is taken in by the police and threatened with deportation. Ding Yao uses her power and influence to free him and he agrees to work for him in exchange for a meal. Li Seong-Geug joins the Seven Son’s Ding Yao’s answer to Medditeranean’s growing influence in the society. When she hears Chan Ho Nan has returned to Hong Kong from Laos, she sends Li Seong-Geug to investigate along with a hit list of Poison Snake defectors thriving in Hong Kong. Li Seong-Geug arrives and in Hong Kong and begins his missions. In discussing a firearm transaction with the suspicious Joint Society leader, Jordan, he meets Kumiho. The two begin an intimate relationship and the laconic Li Seong-Geug sets out every morning knowing there is someone waiting for him at home, that he cannot die, eager to return to Kumiho and say, “I’m home.” Jealous, Jordan sends a picture of the two to Ding Yao who assums Li Seong-Geug has betrayed her. She sends Miyamoto A, another member of the Seven Snakes to kill Li Seong-Geug, but Li Seong-Geug escapes, desperate to return hom to Kumiho. The two decide to move to her hom country of Malaysia. In Malaysia, life is simple and hard, and Li Seong-Geug is unable to get any work other than as the most basic and harsh labour. After Li Seong-Geug accidentally kills a debtor, he steals the cash on the body. The debtor’s clan, the King’s of Thailand come for revenge and Li Seong-Geug forms the Dragon Phoenix society to compete. As his society flourishes, The King’s in Thailand notice and their Boss, Brahman and his right hand man, Zuo Wei, come to Malaysia. During the fight between the Dragon Phoenix and the King’s Li Seong-Geug learns who killed Chicken. Zuo Wei and Li Seong-Geug are equally matched, with Li Seong-Geug’s thirst for life and vitality beating Zuo Wei’s expertise. The two fight to the death, but at the last moment, Zuo Wei escapes. Kumiho arrives at the scene to find a bloodied Li Seong-Geug. Hearing her voice, Li Seong-Geug opens his eyes wearily and happily says, I’m home.