Drama - Development 2015

A chicken, a cow and a dog will be the victims of a war in which three orphans seek to avenge the memory of their parents. This story takes place in the context of the last sixty years of political violence, Colombian guerrillas and paramilitaries.

    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Drama
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    • Synopsis
    • Through three animals, a cow, a dog and a chicken, a metaphor for how the silent witnesses become accidental victims of Colombian violence arises.

      In the sixties, the peasantry stands in strong protests against social injustice that prevails, because the possession of land is in the hands of a few families, including: the Urdaneta, the Otálora and Garzón. Octavio Urdaneta, Spanish patriarch offers his workers to form a union to organize the delivery of parcels of the farm. Simultaneously, Senator Jaime Otálora presents a proposal for agrarian reform to the Senate, for the same purpose.

      At the same time, employees of pushing for Garzón in his estate also has initiatives such as those underway in the estate of Urdaneta. The negotiation between Urdaneta and the leaders of the cooperative becomes tense when the demands of the peasants exceed the family offering. In the Senate, opponents seek to sink the project "Agrarian Reform" presented by Senator Jaime Otálora, suspicious by this situation, a handful of peasants kidnapped Octavio Urdaneta.

      Military forces undertake the rescue of Octavio Urdaneta, in the operation are killed several peasants, as a retaliation they attack several farms. In an attempt to defend, Orlando Garzon Garzon patriarch dies in the crossfire; José María Garzón, his son, is a silent witness to the death of his father. Urdaneta Octavio's body is found completely outraged at the same place where peasants clashed with the military, his son, Horacio Urdaneta, recognizes the body died. Jaime Otálora is discharged at the door of his house and died in the arms of his son, Carlos, to be defending his proposal of "land reform". The three orphans seek to avenge the death of their parents: Horacio Urdaneta take the path of paramilitarism, while José María Garzón will become a prominent politician, and Carlos Otálora end up arms in a guerrilla group.

      These three characters will star in a war that will last more than thirty years, whose victims included a cow, a chicken and a dog were counted.