By Hark TSUI, Clifton KO, Alfred CHEUNG


Comedy - Completed 1991

The climax of the movie is a banquet/dinner at the end featuring cameos by several Hong Kong movie celebrities.

    • Year of production
    • 1991
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 96 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Hark TSUI, Clifton KO, Alfred CHEUNG
    • Synopsis
    • “The Banquet” was co-directed by Tsui Hark, Clifton Ko, Alfred Cheung, and Joe Cheung, starred by Eric Tsang, Dodo Cheng, Richard Ng, Stephen Chow, Jacky Cheung, Tony Leung… altogether 191 Hong Kong artists appeared in the film. It was quickly filmed and shown in 1991 for charity purpose, aiming to help victims in the eastern and southern regions of Mainland China who suffered from the Yangtze River flood. It is a comedy adapted from a famous Cantonese movie of the same name in 1950s.

      An unkind developer Tsang Siu-Chi and his agent just bought two old buildings with tricks. His rival developer, Mr. Hung secured the other two blocks, both of them aimed to buy all four to build a hotel, but they were reluctant to cooperate. Jacky coincidentally knew that Kuwait Prince Alibaba was looking for a partner company in Hong Kong to rebuild his country after war, so he advised Tsang to flatter Prince Alibaba in order to gain a billion dollar contract. The prince's father died lately, since the prince was filial, Jacky told Tsang that he should impress the prince by showing himself a filial son too. Unfortunately, Tsang had not seen his father for 10 years. Along with his wife, Tsang lied to his dad and made him show up in his banquet for the prince. However, Hung intended to rock the boat and seize the contract from Tsang. As expected, the banquet was totally ruined, however, Tsang not only won the contract, but also regained precious love from his family...