By Neil BELL


Thriller - Pre-Production 2018

THE ASSIGNMENT is a political action drama and a personal story about a journalist who loses his desire
to live yet somehow through his harrowing experiences, as a hostage he discovers his will to live. It is
about a man of very few emotions yet when confronted by the convictions of his Chechen

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Thriller
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 3 - 5 M$
    • Duration
    • 120 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Neil BELL
    • Writer(s)
    • Igor HERTZEV, Neil BELL
    • Producer(s)
    • Marco GILLES (Gilles·Mann filmproduktion), Tom GARRETT (Seven Sundays), Marina KOZHEVNIKOVA RAVIE (Marifilmas)
    • Synopsis
      'The Assignment' is a film about a German journalist who is in Tbilisi in Georgia for his
      television channel to film the atrocities of the recent Georgia Russia war but is kidnapped by
      a Chechen rebel and forced to make a documentary of the Chechen war. As a journalist he
      has the opportunity to make the greatest film in his life, discover himself and fill the
      emptiness that lies within him but at what cost?
      Some year's back, Chris lost his desire to live after his son died and began to drink. Despite
      his alcoholism, Chris, a journalist of the British TV channel "Choice", has a good career. His
      wife, Ingrid wants to adopt a child, but Chris is not sure. Chris travels to a refugee camp
      outside Tbilisi accompanied by his camera operator Robert to film the refugees living at the
      camp. Upon returning to his Tbilisi hotel, Chris accidentally meets Akhmad, a Chechen rebel
      who suggests to Chris that he make a film to show the injustices of the Chechen war but
      Chris declines as he on his way back to London. On their way to the airport they are
      kidnapped by Chechen rebels upon Akhmad's orders and taken to a training camp where
      they meet Akhmad once again as he now re-introduces himself as their new producer. They
      travel to Chechnya through the Caucuses to support the group headed by Akhmad's father,
      They cross the Chechen Georgian border in the dead of night. They travel through forests
      and several destroyed villages and in one such village they are ambushed by Russian
      soldiers. In the ensuing firefight Chris kills a Russian soldier.
      They arrive at Vakha's house, a former Chechen freedom fighter living near the border with
      his granddaughter. Vakha has lost his children in the war. Akhmad leaves behind a large
      armaments cache at his house. Chris gradually understands Akhmad's grievances against
      the Russians after witnessing the brutality and the destruction caused by them in Chechnya.
      When the group arrive at Mohammed's camp, they find it scorched. In his rage, Akhmad
      seizes a hospital building in a Chechen village and demands the release of his father. When
      he finds out that his father is dead, Akhmad loses control and kills some of the hostages and
      demands the return of his father's body and a bus for their getaway. Taking the remaining
      hostages with them they board the bus and escape. Upon entering the edge of a forest they
      are ambushed and the bus overturns. They leave the hostages in the bus and run into the
      forest. Robert, refusing to carry Mohammed’s corpse any longer is shot and killed by
      Akhmad. Akhmad and Chris continue running deeper into the forest, but Akhmad
      suffering from a fatal gunshot wound dies soon afterwards. Chris films him as he dies and
      buries them all.
      Exhausted, Chris follows the trail back to the Chechen Georgian border and after some time
      arrives back at Vakha's house. Vakha welcomes Chris to his house. Vakha does not
      understand English and Chris understands neither Chechen nor Russian. He damns the
      war. Chris tells him about how he lost his son.
      The Russian militia eager to get hold of Chris' film footage track him to Vakha’s house the
      next day. Aizani, Vakha's granddaughter hides Chris in the woods, but the militia find the
      hidden ammunition left at the house by Akhmad and Chris' SD cards. Vakha argues with
      the soldiers and they kill him. Chris buries Vakha and leaves with Aizani for the Georgian
    • Partners & financing
    • Gilles·Mann filmproduktion
    • Production schedule
    • Gilles·Mann filmproduktion