Action/Adventure - Development 2020

The true story of how nine elite soldiers fought off four hundred communist guerrillas, to save a country falling to communism, in an undeclared secret war.

    • Year of production
    • 2020
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, True Story, Drama
    • Countries
    • Writer(s)
    • Roland WHITE, Mark MURPHY
    • Synopsis
    • Based on the best selling book "Storm Front" by Roland White.

      In the mid 1960’s to the mid 1970’s, a small British force of soldiers and pilots were fighting a covert war to secure Dhofar, the southern province of Oman, under the codename ‘Operation Storm’. No more than a few hundred strong, they aimed to end a communist guerrilla uprising that stood to gain complete rule over Oman. The consequence of this would mean Soviet Union dominance of the Suez canal, of which 75% of the worlds oil flowed. This was the real battle front of the Cold War.

      On 19th July 1972, nine SAS soldiers, based outside the village port of Mirbat, were attacked by the Adoo, a Marxist and Arabic revolutionary organization trained and supported by communist China and the Soviet Union. At 05:00, an unusually large force of 400 Adoo attacked the SAS position. With the 25-pound artillery gun 800 meters away from their quarters, the SAS were left perilously outnumbered and outgunned. If the Adoo were to reach this gun first, it could be turned on them, and used to wreak devastation on Mirbat. In a split second decision, Sergeant Talaiasi ‘Laba’ Labalaba made the heroic charge through enemy fire to the gun. Upon reaching it, he proceeded to open fire on the enemy position single handedly, with a weapon that would typically require four men to operate.

      Ammunition ran low, and it looked as if the Adoo would be victorious. However the men, supported by their local militia, held strong in what would be known as one of the greatest battles in SAS history, as few stood against many. Though it would go undocumented for years to follow.