Comedy - Completed 2013

    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • Comedy
    • Countries
    • ITALY
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • Valerio is a good actor, waiting for his big break. In the meantime he has to make do with a variety of one-off part-time jobs. His friend Kookie still lives at home with his grandmother, but he has got a profitable business plan figured out. Serena is a university student, but she’d like to raise a family with Valerio. Giovanna, Valerio’s sister, works as a masseuse, but her dream is to become a chef, specialised in Chinese cooking.
      Valerio, Kookie, Serena and Giovanna appear to clearly know who they are and what they want. Yet they are actually trapped inside their own mental schemes, constantly judging one another and being oblivious of their potential and their true needs. Suddenly each of them is presented with a potentially life-changing opportunity: Valerio is requested to audition for a famous director, Kookie starts a business collaboration with the Chinese mafia, Serena finds out she is pregnant, and Giovanna gets chosen to participate in a television cooking competition, in which she could win a trip to China. To achieve their goals each of them will have to confront their insecurities and test their resistance to change, learning useful new skills: Valerio how to let himself go, Kookie how to unravel his true essence, Serena how to ask for help, and Giovanna how to open up towards the world. Moreover, as soon as Mei Mei enters their lives, everything changes rapidly, since she is not enslaved by her traits but only by her pimp, and her pure and unpolluted core will act as a mirror to everyone’s soul. Perhaps Valerio, Kookie, Serena and Giovanna will hence discover that granting freedom is a gift that can be delivered only by who is already truly free…