Jewish - Pre-Production 2019

The first Israeli delegation to the moon encounters a problem during the flight, the flight commander suffers from a space anxiety that interferes with the mission's performance. At the same time on Earth the truth about landing on the moon in 1969 is revealed.

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Jewish, Action/Adventure, Comedy
    • Countries
    • ISRAEL
    • Languages
    • HEBREW
    • Synopsis
    • Many theories have been told about landing on the moon.

      People believe that the Americans filmed the famous landing on the moon at Hollywood studios. Others believe that the Russians produced their video footage on Siberia deserts... And the Chinese people …they can't admit they don’t have the technology yet.
      It's the 70's Israeli Independence Day and prime minister decides to send a delegation to the moon. A group of the finest people of Israel – Doctor, Technicians, and even a Rabbi has been chosen to the mission. The Rabbi says that the moon was promised to the Jews at the bible.
      The mission commander named Eitan Ben Nun, the best pilot of the Israeli air force; his father was one of the pilots who bombed the nuclear reactor in Iraq. But in this family with the entire heroic legacy there is a black sheep… named Billy.

      Billy is an incompetent crook who gets into trouble again and again, dreams big but really has clue in business. At this very moment, Billy is in prison for trying to steal the Flight Rankings of Ever Weizman (former president of Israel, former IAF commander)
      While sitting in his prison cell Billy watches the news release of the delegation to the moon and discovers that his brother was chosen to lead the delegation.

      Billy goes wild and decides to escape from prison, to kidnap his brother and change places with him .This time he must succeed
      And so, it happens.
      With the help of his friends escaped from prison and changing places with his brother.
      From the first moment of takeoff from the space center in Yeruham, Billy loses his sanity on the spacecraft and suffers from SpaceoPhobia that is known in professional jargon fear of space, this "problem" of Billy leads to constant interruptions to the crew until he ejects himself into outer space.

      The information about the disaster leaks to the media and citizens of the country are all concerned and look up to the sky in concern for Eitan's safety when they do not know that it's Billy.

      The best reporter and news hosts interviewing anyone they can and suddenly a new story comes out, discover an interesting fact about that "American landing on the moon."
      During the broadcasts, one of the interviews reveals an interesting fact about the "American landing on the moon."

      It turns out that the famous film is a short film by a Jewish film student from Tel Aviv University, who later became one of the largest film producers in the world.