By de Varda ELENA


Documentary - Pre-Production 2012

Famous artists such us Ives Montand, Joan Baez, Stevie Wonder performed in the name of solidarity with the Polish liberation movement and were highly visible in the media.
Other artists, who lived in Poland at that time, experienced the sudden transformations from inside, in the every day life.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Documentary
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    • de Varda ELENA
    • Synopsis
    • Some artists from various parts of Europe and of the world, return to Poland and tell us
      about their life and art work in Poland in those years, comparing it to the contemporary
      situation. Their point of view and their stories (accompanied by situations recreated on
      purpose, images of art and archival images) are a valuable record of experiences of this age
      of transition and of great historical changes related to the liberation from the dictatorship of
      the Soviet Union: the first Polish democratic elections (June 4, 1989, simultaneously with the
      Tiananmen uprising in China), the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the liberation of Hungary,
      Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia, and then Uzbekistan, Tajikistan.
      The artists leave marks, symbols, reinterpreting the present or the past also through
      gestures and performances. Through those signs, visions and gestures and through
      individual stories, emerge a peculiar fresco of this period.
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    • Poland Germany and other east countries
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