Romance - Pre-Production 2007

    • Year of production
    • 2007
    • Genres
    • Romance
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    • The film introduces young people in a youthful manner, lightly, humourosly, loosely, but not at all weightlessly. The viewer sees real feelings, real conflicts and emotional dramas, while he is entertained by surrealistic and charming humor. There are several worlds mixing in this film. The pre-war confectionary world with the present world of mobil telephones and laptops, as well as the world of virtual games with the world of esoteric. Sometimes it is hard to separate reality from game. SMS messages circulate above the city, and it might turn out that the peaceful shop-keeper is a running amok... As the film's title refers to it too, the "seventh" protagonist of the story is the most characteristic device of our time, the mobil telephone. Like every juvenile, our characters consider it to be an inseparable part of their life, which they use in every situation. In this movie however not only the actors can use their mobil phone, but also the viewers. The "Throw 1 SMS" is a novel interactive film. During the screening the registered viewers get messages, photos and texts. With the help of the informations lying in them, they can learn more about the story, the characters, their actual thoughts and feelings. Through this they also participate in the game as if they were part of the story.
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