By Noboru IGUCHI

TBS GLOWDIA, INC. - as SALES All rights, World

Action/Adventure - Completed 2017

    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 87 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Noboru IGUCHI
    • Synopsis
    • Takeshi Handa is a simple 25 year old movie freak who makes films by doing part time jobs. One day, Takeshi sees a beautiful girl Ryoka Aoba, who is handing out flyers wearing a maid dress. He secretly films Ryoka with his video camera, and falls in love with her through the finder of his camera. Takeshi secretly films Ryoka from his workplace as a daily routine and gradually thinks of getting her approval for her to be in his film.
      Takeshi made his decision and with his heart thumping, he tries to approach Ryoka who is handing out flyers at the street corner.
      Suddenly, an accident happens. A creepy guy Akada, whose face is covered with an iron mask with lenses, was running around with a knife in his hand! Akada teleports and stabs passersby, with an enormous speed and strength, and eventually stabs Takeshi.
      As Takeshi’s conscious fades away, Akada’s mask falls off and accidently the mask covers Takeshi’s face. At that moment, energy flows into Takeshi and his arms became stronger. He looks through the lenses of the mask and sees that Akada looks like a “Messenger of Destiny” with the face of the God of Death. Shooting the guy for 5 seconds with the camera, a beam came out from the mask and he was blown up. With the shock, Takeshi is teleported.
      Takeshi wakes up and finds himself at the same place but 24 hours before the present. He sees a gangster group, whose leader is Akada, stealing the mask from a research center.
      The mask was a secret weapon which was developed by the army. The mask is a special machine where you can see the God of Death or “Messenger of Destiny.” By scanning them for 5 seconds with the camera, they can make them disappear and can change the reality.
      Akada’s group was an insane gangster group who were trying to destruct Japan with the power of the mask. Hearing this crazy plan, Takeshi runs away with the mask. Takeshi has become powerful and becomes a man with superpower“Slaveman.”He fights with the gangsters and wins.
      With this accident, Takeshi realizes that “reality” is changing little by little.
      Takeshi wakes up once again and realizes that he is back in time where he first met Ryoka. Takeshi is no longer wounded and his looks and outfit is so much attractive than before. Takeshi tries to approach Ryoka but sees Koji Mizunuma, a rival filmmaker, going out with Ryoka.
      He had changed his destiny to “be alive” and therefore changed Ryoka’s destiny.
      Takeshi tries not to make Mizunuma and Ryoka a couple, and uses the mask and goes back in time. He succeeds in doing so, but because of it, Mizunuma became a man with hatred against women and he tags with Akada and starts a terrorist group. Ryoka is accidently involved and becomes “a destiny to die.”
      Takeshi’s fight for his love and destiny is about to start!