Comedy - Post-Production 2016

A disturbing, dark, comedy/horror in the vein of 2015’s “krampus,” SECRET SANTA reveals what happens when a loving family, gathered for Christmas dinner, drinks poison-spiked punch, takes their conversations too far, turning their love into hate and changing the scene from nonchalant to a blood-and-

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Horror
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 92 mn
    • Writer(s)
    • Adam MARCUS, Debra SULLIAN
    • Synopsis
    • As the family members arrive at the Pennington Winter cabin, it’s obvious that trouble is in store for them all. The dysfunctional matriarch, Shari, is holding a dinner to toast the season, but little does she know that Penny, her youngest and less genetically gifted daughter, has spiked the punch with a murderous synthetic drug! Unbeknownst to them, the family drinks, and as the drug takes hold, it desensitizes them to hurtful remarks, ultimately leading to a horrific physical showdown! Skulls are smashed with a beautiful holiday snow globe, blood gushes from fork- stabbed veins, and screams replace the once cheerful room, where just moments ago laugher, fun, and joy filled the air. But the CARNAGE does not stop...
      A series of fights erupt amongst the family members as other members try to make sense of all the madness. April, the older, perfect daughter, senses something is incredibly wrong with her family’s erratic behavior. She attempts to make an escape with her preppy lawyer fiancé, Ty and her brother’s sexy girlfriend, Jacqueline, but to no avail – the trying conditions of the frozen wilderness forces them to return to their household battlefield. But which is really the safer option: the harsh freezing environment or their murderous family?
      April runs to their neighbors in another cabin for help and is met with a sexist, rude couple that is murdered in right in front of her. April and Jacqueline are left returning to the demon-cabin once again. Exhausted, they run inside finding Penny penned to the floor as her younger, attractive, stuttering brother, Kyle, is vomiting blood into her throat. Emotionally drained, Penny then reveals she was responsible. She loathed her family so much she was willing to poison them all. April is in total shock as the corpses of all her family lay spread out in the living room.
      The morning sun breaks through the mountains. The sun warms April’s face as Penny, in a zombie-like state, suddenly lunges at her out of nowhere! The two enter in a grindhouse-like fight. April shoves Penny, who missteps, and falls over the porch landing to her ultimate death. April has survived! She has been through everything – losing her fiancé, her family, and in a sense, her own sanity. She starts to hike through the snowy wilderness in search of civilization.
      As another family is driving to the mountains for their own holiday, a woman suddenly appears in the middle of the road! Run-down, blood drenched, and bitter, April blocks their path. The driver of the family vehicle exits to make sure she is ok, and as he arrives beside her, she turns to camera, attacks, and SWALLOWS it whole, killing the driver!