By Jorge (yohanan) WELLER


Comedy - Pre-Production 2010

A spicy and vivacious romantic comedy starring the famous Mexican actress Angelica Vale. A talented Mexican Salsa dancer travels to Israel in pursuit of her ex-husband in order to reunite her family, but falls in love with an Israeli man...

& Awards

Jerusalem FF 2011
    • Year of production
    • 2010
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Romance
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Jorge (yohanan) WELLER
    • Writer(s)
    • Elisa DOR
    • Producer(s)
    • Jorge (yohanan) WELLER
    • Synopsis
    • SALSA TEL AVIV is a musical romantic comedy abundant with vibrant humor and sensuality. It centers on Vicky (Angelika Vale, “Betty” in the Mexican UGLY BETTY), a talented Mexican Salsa dancer and a single mother who journeys to Israel in peruse of her ex-husband in order to reunite her family.
      Vicky left Beto, her ex-husband, who later left Mexico and has been working illegally in Israel for two years as a Salsa teacher, sending money to Vicky and trying to convince her he’s a changed man. Vicky finally decides to give him another chance and try her luck in Israel as well, while leaving Diego with her supporting mother. On Beto’s advice, she disguises herself as a nun, in order to enter Israel more easily.
      On the plane to Israel, Vicky is sitting next to Yoni, an Argentinean biologist, returning to Israel after conducting academic research abroad. He is good-looking, brainy, and introverted. He is engaged to Daphne, who has been controlling his life for the past three years. As Yoni is always eager to please, he does not stand up to Daphne and allows her and his own dominating mother to control his life.
      This is Vicky’s first plane journey; she is terrified and turns to a dumbfounded Yoni for comfort. To add to their troubles, Vicky has to avoid the real nuns traveling on the same plane, and haphazardly causes Yoni and her to miss their connecting flight in Madrid, and have to spend the night at a hotel. Quite apart from the absurd situation in which they find themselves, Yoni and Vicky develop a forbidden attraction for each other - she being a “nun”, and he being engaged…..
      In Israel, Vicky is reunited with Beto, who claims he still loves her. She becomes an illegal foreign worker, with all that it implies: cleaning houses during the day, teaching Israelis to dance Salsa during the night. She longs to be with her little son and her devoted mother, and thanks to her optimism, sense of humor and Salsa, she manages to overcome most obstacles in her path.
      Until one day, she discovers that Beto is cheating on her, and her world is crushed once again! She is torn between wanting to reunite her family by finding a father for Diego, and perusing her own desires and love. On the same day, the Police shows up at Vicky’s home. Beto is arrested, but the resourceful Vicky makes a hilarious escape by using her nun costume.
      She contacts Yoni through the business card he previously gave her and seeks refuge in his home. Yoni allows her to stay, which ends up completely changing his life: as Vicky teaches him Salsa, he begins to enjoy life, and to stand his grounds. Yoni teaches Vicky to be aware of her true value and strengths, and that she does not need Beto... Gradually, they fall in love…
      Yoni does everything he can to keep the visiting Daphne unaware of Vicky, which leads to very amusing situations. Nonetheless, Daphne discovers Vicky in Yoni's home. She is convinced that Vicky is Yoni's lover, and decides to do all she can to throw her out of the country, and out of her fiancé's life! She makes an anonymous call to the police which arrives to Yoni's home. Vicky is accused of being an illegal worker and a prostitute, and Yoni is charged with being her pimp!
      To save Vicky, Yoni lies and says they are engaged. Hence, they must report to a judge and prove that they really intend to marry. If they’ll fail, Vicky will be deported back to Mexico, which is the worst thing that can happen, and Yoni will be trialed for perjury. During their preparation, they fall in love even more, and Yoni finally stands up to Daphne, and does what he really wants for the first time in his life… Even his mother notices the positive change, and eventually supports him. Vicky is happy because of her newfound love and confidence. A moving phone call between Yoni and Diego makes Vicky believe she may have also found a new father for Diego... Then suddenly, in an unexpected twist, Beto managed to escape prison, just before being deported back to Mexico, and tries go get Vicky back once again. Daphne is also determined to win Yoni over, so a love quartet materializes, loaded with tensions, passions and misunderstandings, putting Yoni and Vicky's love to the final test…
    • Partners & financing
    • Required Partners: Broadcasters, Private Equity Investors, Sponsors, and an international sales agent.
    • Production schedule
    • June 2010 Principle photography
      End of 2010 Post production & Final 35mm print
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Jun 01, 2010