By Verónica CHEN


Thriller - Completed 2011

Ana Yang is in search of who she is and where she belongs to and like in every film where its hero is in search of its identity, the film has elements of noir and related to the genre. The heroine confronts enemies and faces monsters and in this case, apparently she has to deal with geneticall

    • Year of production
    • 2011
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Animation
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 95 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Verónica CHEN
    • Writer(s)
    • Verónica CHEN
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • The film takes place today, between Buenos Aires and the Pampas country side. The main character, Ana, is a woman in her mid twenties, a civil servant working in an executive position in one of the City Council's offices. She leads a normal life and has a boyfriend, Alonso. He's a psychiatrist attending one of the city's Hospitals. Ana is of half Asian origin. Her father was Chinese and Ana inherited her Asian features but not the language. So to others Ana "looks" Chinese but in fact is not. One day walking through the Chinese Neighborhood where she lives Ana sees how a constructionıpiece breaks off a balcony and falls on the head of a man who just happened to be walking underneath. He's injured and taken to the hospital, the same Hospital where Alonso works.
      The balcony concerned belongs to one of the many buildings "fixed up" without the least concern for their own tenants or other people's security, and in flagrant disobedience with construction regulations, and Ana offers herself as witness in the legal demand on behalf of the injured man. But soon after she's surprised by the news that nobody else will testify, the legal suit is withdrawn and nothing else happens. The man continues in Hospital but goes mute and wants to see nobody. A few days later Ana is having dinner with Alonso and friends at a typical Chinese restaurant. But that night, Ana sees how they mistreat and beat up a young waiter, of whom she's become friends.
      When she tells the others what's happened and goes up to the owner to ask for an explanation, the answer is " nothing has happened here".
      Ana begins to be the object of a persecution from "the Chinese" or, in fact, of the organized Mob integrated by some Chinese, unscrupulous lawyers and the Argentine migration authorities who "never see what's going on" in exchange for their part of the loot.
      This business involves the smuggled immigration of Chinese who are brought as enslaved manpower for the
      clandestine farms that have begun to populate the Argentine Pampas like fungi. Inside, these farms develop and raise one
      single thing: rabbits.
      But nobody talks about it and no one publishes a single word. It seems that nobody knows that the Pampas,
      so extensive, are becoming depopulated of cattle and crops. That the field is becoming a desert and that in this vast
      yellowish desert there is already almost no people, only marginals. And there's only one animal: the rabbit.
      Without a clue of why she's being chased and what they want from her, the circle around Ana begins to
      close. With no explanation she's licensed from work "for a time". One night Ana receives a gift from a mysterious Chinese
      food delivery that she never asked for: an anonymous white box containig an item from her past. Ana panics and runs
      away. She doesn't know where she's heading. It's the route that leads to the old house in the countryside to which she
      never went back in years.
      The town she finds is almost dead. There's only the very old and the very young left. The few men and
      women and children ramble without visible occupation: nor work nor school. Not even dogs are seen. Everything is either
      closed or empty. She hears the first notices that in the countryside something's changing and a boy mentions for the first
      time the rabbits "who are eating everything up".
      When she arrives at the house, she finds it almost dismantled.
      She comes across Emilio,, the old caretaker, who confesses that he sold the furniture little by little to pay the bills and be
      able to send her some money, so that Ana wouldn't worry and think "that everything was the same". But for lack of a
      property to manage, Emilio has become a hunter… of rabbits, the only way to earn a living for all now in the countryside.
      The rumor that Ana's been hearing since she drove deeper into the land is confirmed. No more crops, no
      more cattle. The wild rabbits have steadily eaten up everything. She warns Alonso where she is and asks him to come.
      She gathers two gauchos in their seventies who help her turn the house inhabitable
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Mar 01, 2011