First film - Completed 2016

"All the really successful people I know smoke pot, so go figure!"

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • First film, Comedy
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 0 - 0.3 M$
    • Duration
    • 88 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Writer(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Jolana OPAVA LAUTENBERG (Psychedelic Pictures), Tod LAUTENBERG (Psychedelic Pictures)
    • Synopsis
    • We are selling rights for Theatrical, Television, On Demand, S.V.O.D, Digital, Ancillary, & whatever format you guys come up next!

      Puff has been racking up the international recognition competing in 12 festivals in 5 countries.
      *WINNER BEST COMEDY FEATURE: Independent Film Playoff - USA
      *WINNER AUDIENCE AWARD: The Los Angeles Underground Film Festival
      *WINNER BEST WRITER: TOD LAUTENBERG: Big House Film Festival
      *WINNER BEST ENSEMBLE CAST: Big House Film Festival
      *SEMI-FINALIST: Los Angeles Cinefest
      *SEMI-FINALIST: San Mauro Film Festival - Italy
      *SEMI-FINALIST: Hollywood Screening Festival
      *OFFICIAL SELECTION: Jehlum Film Festival, India,
      *OFFICIAL SELECTION: Garden City Film Festival, India,
      *OFFICIAL SELECTION: Asian Film Center Global Festival - Kolkata, India
      *OFFICIAL SELECTION:Hyper Hybrid - Festival Munich, Germany

      Puff is a Romantic comedy about a young professionals in Manhattan, who are close friends. They are all mentored by an eccentric artist known as Pops, who started painting murals at the 1963 World’s fair with Ken Kesey. Pops is now is semi famous and rich, so he doesn’t have to work every day. Pops is always advising his son John and his friends not to be so uptight.

      John is a writer that always gets into arguments with every woman he dates. Many times his dates end with a drink being thrown in his face. John finally meets a woman named Zsa Zsa , who enjoys arguing as much as John and they fall in Love. John’s friend Vinnie just celebrated his 3rd anniversary with his his vapid model girlfriend named Jessica. Jessica leaves Vinnie for a woman named Sally. It make Vinnie question his masculinity and have his first real “spiritual emergency” with great comic payoffs. Meanwhile John’s other friends Jack and Jill have been a couple for 5 years now.

      Jack is the definitive corporate guy working publicity for an unnamed sports firm in Manhattan. He has the image of a straight business man, but is an under cover rocker in his private life. Jack is the life of the party and loves to go out dancing with Jill. He even sings in Greek songs that his Grandma taught him to romance woman with.

      Jill is angry that Jack won’t set a date for their wedding after being engaged for two years. It turns into a blow out argument where Jill leaves Jack slamming the door.

      John, Vinnie, Jessica, Zsa Zsa, and even Sally help throw a party to get Jack and Jill back together. Jack sings Jill a Greek love song and them proposes to Jill that they marry ASAP. John surprises them that they all planned a wedding at Pop’s house while Jack and Jill had been broken up.

      Jill insists that it be a costume wedding like Mardi Gras where she first met Jack. All the relationships come full circle at the wedding. Even Pops may has a new love interest in his art critic nemesis Madame Bovary.

      And They All Live Happily Ever After baby!