Comedy - Development 2014

A family who is wary of change has been living for 25 years in the same basement without changing any detail to their way of life. To keep their habitat in good condition, they carry daily repairs to the house. One day, they found a wall builded in front of the only entrance of the basement.

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Comedy, First film, Fantasy
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • ARABIC
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 90 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Majdi LAKHDAR
    • Producer(s)
    • Mohamed Ali BEN HAMRA (Polimovie International pictures)
    • Synopsis
    • A family living in the same basement for several years, too wary, or even afraid, to change any detail in their daily lives. They do not trust anything that is new. With a system well suited to the family, and appears to be a legacy, they have an ulterior motive: tinkering, renovate, paste, sew, install...
      In order to keep their basement space, Ali the father, Baya the mother, Saif and Hejer the elders and Anis, ten years old, renovate their home every day in ruins. They are specialists in carpentry, masonry, electricity, mechanics, sewing, tapestry ... One day; the owner decides to renovate the entire house, in which the family lives, by hiring a few masons. They build inadvertently a wall ahead the entrance to the basement. The next morning, the family ends up a prisoner. They try to inform the owner about the situation, through a hole in the ceiling and a pulley system. The owner is "absent".
      After a family meeting, they decided to stay in their basement. After a gas cut, Ali decided to release "The ancestors Advices" a book he inherited from his father. Once the problem of gas solved, a power cut chains up, followed by a flooding of the entire basement. Just saved from drowning, Anis makes them changing their minds and they decide to break the wall. To their surprise, the brick wall was maintained by another one in concrete, unbreakable with hammers and spikes. Only one thing could help: Jackhammer. So they established a strategy with several steps, to use their Jackhammer. It was at that time that children ask Ali and Baya to open the "Reserve". A magical place that even Ali has never seen but he heard about it from his father. After deciphering the map, they find the entrance behind a large wardrobe.
      Reserve: Tons of wood, iron beams, shovels, pickaxes, sand, hard hats, everything was there.
      The family begins to work and checks the steps, on a blackboard. During the break, Saif tinkers radio and looks for a chain to try it. It's the news announcing the revolution in the country, the danger and lawlessness that roam the streets. Ali and Baya are scared about getting out. Furious, Hejer tries to convince the rest of the family. For her, this is another motivation to get out. The family sits and Hejer finalize the last details of her schema.
      The living room emptied, the pieces joined together, Saif and Hejer build the machine and start digging. Saif takes care of a kind of boiler, where wood is burned, and Hejer attacks the wall with the Jackhammer.
      At one point, Saif is out of wood. Hejer asks him to find consumable things and the need to maintain pressure. On the other hand, Anis has a high fever, following the drowning and Ali is very bad due to an accident. Saif becomes hysterical and tries to do his best. After using everything, Saif notices a huge wardrobe at the bottom of the reserve. With the help of his ax, he began to cut it and dropped it to the ground.
      Suddenly, the day light penetrates the reserve. The output was hidden by a wardrobe. The family goes out. It's Sahara with multiple gates around them.
      Nearby, a sign that reads "Museum of the 23rd century." Another one reads "Lot sold."
    • Partners & financing
    • we are looking for French coproducer, German, Swiss or Belgium coproducer,
      Canadian coproducer, TV coproduction, world sales agent and distributors