Drama - Development 2017

A math genius, after taking on his father’s debt from a loan shark, tries to beat a variety of casino games before moving on to an even bigger game,
the state lottery.

& Awards

Santa Fe 2011
Official Selection
Tribeca Sloan Summit 2011
Official Selection
Alfred P. Sloan Grant Winner 2011
Grant Winner
Phoenix Film Festival 2012
Official Selection
Indianapolis 2012
Official Selection
Memphis Film Festival 2012
Official Selection
    • Year of production
    • 2017
    • Genres
    • Drama, Comedy, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Writer(s)
    • Sam MANDEGARAN, Kimberly J. BOWMAN
    • Producer(s)
    • Anna PATERNOT, Stephen GIBLER
    • Synopsis
    • Ben (20s), a charming Caltech physics student, is constantly trying to make fast money with as little actual work as possible. We first meet him at a Vegas casino, where he’s just won $2 million betting on a biased, worn-out roulette wheel. When the casino refuses to pay him his winnings pending a “cheating” investigation, he returns home to Pasadena. Upon returning home, Ben learns that his dad, DORSEY (60s), a blue collar, salt of the earth kind of guy, was counting on Ben’s winnings. He was going to use the money to save his house from falling into the hands of a shrewd loan shark, BOXER (50s). Feeling responsible and desperate to help his dad, Ben sets out to pull off a series of gambling schemes. He teams up with HANNAH (20s), a smart and spunky girl feeling stuck in life, who intends to use her share of their winnings to start over. After a failed Vegas scheme, and in a final last-ditch effort to clear his dad’s debt, Ben devises a plan to beat the SupperLotto, one of California’s big lottery game. He convinces Boxer, that just as he did in roulette, he can predict the winning numbers for the upcoming record high lottery (over two hundred million), within a range of a few hundred thousand. In order to pull it off, he and Hannah will need all of Boxer’s twenty convenience stores to print lottery tickets. All seems to be going well until Ben reveals to Hannah that he cannot, in fact, predict the winning lottery numbers. Instead, he’s going to print every single number combination, over forty million, to ensure that they end up with a winning ticket. In spite of a series of ticket printing setbacks, they do end up with a winning ticket! But it’s only one of four winning tickets. Which means the two hundred million will be split four ways; not enough to clear the debt (the tens of millions of tickets they printed) with Boxer. Realizing they spent more than they won, Boxer takes Ben, Hannah and Dorsey hostage. While trying to negotiate their release, Ben realizes that the thousands of smaller winning lottery tickets they printed will total up to enough to cover what they owe Boxer. After turning over all the tickets to Boxer, Ben and Hannah are left, yet again, with nothing. Well, not exactly nothing. In a calculated move, Ben manages to get Boxer arrested and keep some of the second largest winning tickets which are worth a few hundred thousand dollars. He gives most of that money to Dorsey and Hannah as his priorities have changed and realizes money isn’t the most important thing in life.