Comedy - Development 2018


    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Romance
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 120 mn
    • Synopsis
    • What can you expect when a man sleeps with his best friend's wife? Complication of epic proportions.
      KRYŠTOF KRAFT (aged 40) is an accomplished, internationally recognized architect, an attractive young man with a special charm and a good sense of humor. Educated, painfully good-looking, funny, subtly cynical, part Don Juan, part Dr. House. Women are his passion, he loves them, quote: "with no strings attached". In spite of this "minor flaw" women love him back, SOŇA is no exception. The two have been involved in a "sex-only" relationship without romance or complications for years. They strictly follow Kryštof's "love is love & sex is sex" rule. For Kryštof, mixing sex with love is emotionally confusing and outdated, and the sooner ladies comprehend it and accept it the better for them.
      Most women accept the rules willingly and play along (most of them think one day they'll win Kryštof's heart, with their charm, beauty, charisma or whatnot a woman has to offer, and turn him into marriage material). Soňa thinks so too. Until at one point, she comes to realize that her "sex only" equation with Kryštof desperately calls for a love/emotion quantity and that the above mentioned rule should be changed to: "love is sex and sex is love" - according to how women feel about it. When her biological clock starts ticking so loud it wakes her up from her sleep, with most of her lady-friends constantly prattling about the color or consistency of their babies' poo, she comes to a conclusion that she no more intends to be the-one-for-sex-only and "asks Kryštof to marry her".
      His answer: "You go get married, honey, that'll make you my type".
      The wedding takes place after all. After a year spent husband-hunting, Soňa ties the knot with MARTIN - Kryštof's best friend. Martin always had a thing for Soňa since the times unknown but he never had the slightest clue of the "sex-only-no-strings" deal she had with Kryštof. (We all do have a history, don't we?) Kryštof and Martin have been friends since they were kids and their friendship is not the only thing tha ties them together. There's TPC (KOM), and Marilyn. TPC stands for "The Pinheads' Club", originally called The Players' Club", founded years ago just for fun, out of boredom. And Marilyn si a fancy sports car they have turned into a finely tuned machine over the years.
      Marilyn is a traditional subject of Kryštof's and Martin's bets. The car is currently in Martin's possession and the guys make anoter bet at his wedding party. The wager is, if Kryštof - the notoious ladies" man - manages to get three "undateable" Martin's friends score dates with attractive women within a three-month notice - he regains Marilyn.
      Sound like a piece of cake, doesn't it?
      ...only until you get to meet the undateables.
      The truth is, they are criminally uneducated in the "love and /or sex/ relationship" department....
      Will Kryštof succeed at turning the three undateables into eligible bachelors and win his beloved vintage back?