Action/Adventure - Development 2018

A young Amish man emigrates to another planet in hopes of preserving his Amish culture, but when he arrives he finds the new world overrun by war, violence, and technology; he faces an enemy that will threaten his values and endanger his very way of life.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure, Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 10 - 25 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Anne SAGEL
    • Synopsis
    • Pennsylvania Amish Zone, Year 2068.
      Inside a modest farmhouse, we see JED (18) getting dressed in his Amish clothes. As Jed says a heartfelt goodbye to his parents and his younger brother AMOS (14), we learn he is emigrating to another planet to colonize the Amish Zone (AZ). Jed boards a space ship for the nine year journey, but, when he awakens in the new world, he finds the transportation center under attack - bombs explode, guns fire, and soldiers are everywhere. DAWN (20s) and JERRY RIOS (30s), two “English” (non-Amish) people who were also on the ship, arrive to rescue Jed. They are heavily armed and they take Jed to TRACE (the resistance) headquarters, where he is introduced to the rebel fighters. There he learns about the war between TRANSPORT (the government) and TRACE, and offered a gun for protection. He refuses, citing his Amish beliefs against technology and violence.
      The rebels hijack an airbus to fly Jed to the Amish Zone (AZ). The airbus is brought down in the No Man’s Land between the city and the AZ. Jed survives the crash, but is promptly captured by a wild salvager who plans to sell him for money. Jed, bewildered, asks who would pay money for him, the salvager replies: Your brother Amos.
      A massive starship hovers above the new world; this is the TULSA: the flagship of the TRACE rebels. Amos (now 67 years old) commands the rebel forces from the captain’s bridge.
      Back on solid ground, Dawn, Jerry, and other rebels arrive to rescue Jed, but find he has already escaped. As they run for cover, they are attacked by Transport drones.
      A wild chase and a bloody battle ensue; several lives are lost. Fearing the death of his friends, Jed surrenders to Transport. Dawn tries to prepare him for what is about to happen: Transport will put a BICE unit in his brain, erase his memory, and make him an
      unwitting spy. Before he is taken away, Dawn promises to find a way to help him.
      Jed arrives in the AZ; it is surrounded by a massive WALL that protects the farmland. Jed, a bit zombie-like now that he has been implanted with a BICE UNIT and is being controlled by Transport, seems to have no memory of his time with the rebels and settles into a simple Amish lifestyle.
      While Jed sleeps, Dawn “hacks” into his BICE unit to explain what's going on. She shows Jed GENERAL BRADDOCK, the evil leader of Transport, and explains the rise of Transport, the war, and how Amos came to be leader of the TRACE resistance.
      Transport successfully bombs a nearby city, making people believe that TRACE was responsible. Tthe Amish grow distrustful of TRACE.
      Eventually, Jed talks to Amos via the BICE unit. It is a loving reunion made awkward by the circumstances. Amos explains how the AZ back home was teleported through time and space— they are really in year 2121. Jed and Amos realize that the “walls” around the AZ are really a portal, and the men have one last chance to save the Amish Zone from Transport - by teleporting the entire zone before Transport does.