Comedy - Development 2016

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Comedy, Romance
    • Countries
    • RUSSIA
    • Languages
    • Synopsis
    • The focus of the future film is going to be a kind of "Clowns Festival" attended by the most brilliant representatives of the genre from all over the world. The language of clownery as well as pantomime and ballet is international and open.
      It will be a story of the actor’s brotherhood, true understanding of human passions and sentiments.
      Early Sunday morning the Clowns Army playing instruments and loudly laughing, with tents and carriages, huge clown’s masks, scarecrows and slogans will be moving along many streets alarming everybody including children, cats and dogs.
      The city will live only for two or three day under the sign of the clown’s theater unseen before. However it will be enough to change the atmosphere of the city, and break its usual lifestyle. This event will change some people's lives for only two or three-days, other's lives will be changed forever.
      All these short stories and human characters we would like to take through the whole film turning back to them again and again, but each time in a new unexpected and sometimes paradoxical situation.
      Some of the characters, however, may appear in the film only once but it will be enough to remember them forever, their drama, despair or joy.
      The main story of our movie is a friendship story of three friends – Charley, his girlfriend Columbina and their friend Nick. Columbina helped Nick with his show and all off the sudden they got real worm welcome from the crowd. Show was saved but from this moment Charley can't believe he is alone again. But Nick and Colombina do not leave Charley alone; they are still together, each suffering in his own way. Happiness always goes hand in hand with unfortunate.
      The "invasion clown army" will be leaving the city with the music, drum beat and jokes. Only small Charley will stay by himself at the very edge of the city alone in the whole world...
      The final captions of the film will tell us that the whole idea of "invasion army" was invented by small Charley who had not even suspected what it would turn for him.