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Drama - Completed 2016

After all, isn't peace the best in any day and age?
"What if the historical figure Nobunaga Oda was actually a high school student who'd traveled back in time from the present day?"

    • Year of production
    • 2016
    • Genres
    • Drama, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 126 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Hiroaki MATSUYAMA
    • Synopsis
    • With the completion of Azuchi Castle and the unification of the country close at hand, Saburo happens upon a textbook and learns that Nobunaga Oda is fated to die in the near future. Saburo is confounded by this fact and it torments him, but he vows to go against fate and survive in this time period with the solid support from Kicho and his retainers. He plans to hold a wedding with his beloved Kicho at Honno-ji Temple in Kyoto [where Nobunaga died].

      Meanwhile, sinister plots were being carried out around Saburo without his knowledge. Mitsuhide was jealous of Saburo, who was loved by everyone around him. Hideyoshi was waiting for his chance to assassinate Nobunaga because of a long-standing grudge.

      Will Saburo be able to change the course of Nobunaga's history and build the peaceful country that he longs for?
      What awaits him at Honno-ji Temple in 1582?