Drama - Completed 2013

An orphan-girl, at the age of 18, called Nagima, loses her best friend Anya, who died while giving birth. Left alone, Nagima attempts to find a family and build her life anew, but realizes that the closest person is Anya's daughter - Mila - who Nagima has never seen.

& Awards

du Creteil 2013
Deauville 2013
Berlinale - EFM 2013
Berlinale Forum
Busan - BIFF/APM 2013
Gala Screening
BFI London FF 2014
    • Year of production
    • 2013
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 80 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Zhanna ISSABAYEVA
    • Writer(s)
    • Zhanna ISSABAYEVA
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • We all want to be loved. All of our desires to achieve something is the desire to be loved. We want to be rich, famous and successful not because we need a glory, money and appreciation. We just want to be loved and accepted. This story is about global human loneliness and an absence of love. There is a part of Nagima’s feelings in each of us. Even sometimes… Nagima is unbeautiful, illiterate and uncommunicative graduate of the orphan home.
      Nagima rents a tiny room on the outskirts of the city of Almaty with her "orphanage" girlfriend, pregnant sister Anya. Anya once met a guy and wanted to get married, but it did not work out. As a result, she is nine months pregnant now. Nagima works as a dishwasher at the elite restaurant and besides her salary brings home restaurant leftovers. Nagima and Anya are two lonely souls who met at an early age at the orphanage and became to each other the relatives, family and closest friends. Their neighbor, 33-year-old prostitute Nina is complete opposite to these girls. She is compassionate to Nagima and Anya and helps them when possible. So when Anya starts premature labour, Nagima immediately runs to Ninka looking for help. Anya died during childbirth. The newborn girl ends up at the orphanage. Vicious circle. Nagima is in severe depression. She lost a very close friend as well as the meaning of life and the motivation for further actions. Nagima goes to her mother. Nagima found her address a long time ago, when discharged from the orphans home. There were no reason to go to her mother because Anya was her family. Mother refuses Nagima for a second time and sends her away. In desperation Nagima comes to a familiar salesman, where she usually buys products and desperately asks him to confess a love to her. Salesman is in shock, but Nagima begs him for a small favor to pretend and confess his love. Salesman knew about the tragedy with Anya, and confessed a love feeling pity for Nagima. Nagima comes to the orphanage in order to adopt Anya's child. Her request was refused because she does not have a home, a husband and a permanent job. Nagima steals Anya's daughter Mila and brings the baby home. She can not cope with feeding, child care, and Ninka comes to help. She begs Nagima to give this child back to the orphanage. Nagima replies: "I will not give her to anyone." Early in the morning Nagima brings Mila to a cliff. Nagima throws Mila into a cliff saying: "No one will ever love you".