By Say Yong NG

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Drama - Completed 2012

My Dog Dou Dou is a warm, feel-good drama about a gambler father and his estranged son, and how a dog with predictive powers brings them closer together.

    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • Drama, Family, Children's
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 99 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Say Yong NG
    • Synopsis
    • It is a day for Meng to forget. Not only has the perpetual gambler lost all his money in a high stake poker game, he had borrowed tens of thousands more, which he is hardly able to pay back on his mechanic salary. The loan shark boss, an ever smiling but conniving Long Ge, means business and he wants all the debts repaid in a week. Meng knows Long will harm his son and him if he fails to pay up. Meng is at his wits’ end.
      It is also his son, Xing’s birthday which Meng has conveniently forgotten. Meng has been struggling to build a relationship with his son since his wife left him five months ago. In fact, the only relationship he has built over the past few months had been with his gambling buddies.
      Xing, hungry, broke and left alone on his birthday, manages to find a two-dollar note in one of his father’s unwashed pants. He cycles to the nearest provision shop to buy food. Along the way, he sees three of his classmates, known in school as the notorious Three Musketeers, bullying a dog. He manages to save the dog but incurs the wrath of the three bullies.
      Unfortunately for Xing, he is unable to keep the dog since Meng hates dogs. As he is bidding goodbye to it, a bout of lightning strikes and hits both dog and Xing. Both are knocked unconscious for several minutes but Xing regains consciousness and hurls the dying dog back home.
      When Meng returns home to find a dying dog in his bed, he loses his temper and wants to throw the dog away. But Xing reminds him that it is his birthday and all he wants is to keep the dog. Overwhelmed with guilt for forgetting his son’s birthday, Meng agrees to let Xing keep the dog, believing it’s only a matter of days before the dog dies.
      Miraculously, the dog not only survives but seems to have gained some kind of strange predictive power. The dog picks four numbers from a basket of numbered toy cubes and amazingly, the numbers come out as the first prize numbers in the 4D draw in the evening. Meng knows he has found the golden rooster that will change his life forever. All he needs to do is to avoid the loan sharks till the next 4D draw and he will be rich beyond his wildest dream.
      By a stroke of luck, Meng bumps into an old friend from his days in an orphanage. She is Ginny, a beautiful and intelligent reporter, who has ambitions of becoming a top reporter in Singapore but has a lack of opportunities because of her sexist boss. Ginny agrees to let Meng, Xing and dog hide out at her apartment for a few days.
      When Ginny stumbles on the miraculous powers of the dog, she uses this opportunity to further her career. She is determined to get the front page news that her boss has promised her at the expense of her friendship with Meng.
      When the news break, all hell goes loose. Everybody wants a piece of the miracle dog. The dog’s previous owner, the loan sharks, greedy neighbors and even complete strangers. Even though Meng has managed to win the first prize in the 4D lottery, his problems seemed to have multiplied. To make things worse, his wife has also returned and wants custody of the son.
      Meng decides to hide it out at Pulau Ubin, away from the madness for a few days. However, he is intercepted by Long and his gang, who are determined to get hold of the miracle dog. When Long is about to hurt Xing, the dog gives itself up to Long in order to save Xing. As the dog is being dragged away, Xing gets into an asthmatic fit and faints. Meng rushes Xing to hospital.
      In the hospital, Xing keeps calling out for his mother and Meng begins to realize that he has put his son’s life in danger time and time again. He decides to give up custody of Xing to his wife. When Xing wakes up and finds out that his dog is in the hands of Long, he goes ballistic and tells Meng to save the dog. He knows Long will kill the dog once he finds out that the dog has no predictive powers. It is Xing who has the powers. Meng is shocked by this revelation and he is determined to rescue the dog from Long’s clutches.
      Meng meets up with Long in a final confrontation where he is prepared to lose his life in an ultimate act of sacrifice. Will he survive and save the dog from Long and will he be reunited with his son again?
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Jan 01, 2012