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Family - Completed 2023

A humanistic story with laughter and tears.
What happens to Matsuo, an employee of Fukunoya, and Yaeyama when a mysterious takoyaki stall suddenly appears in front of Fukunoya. People think of others beyond time. People think of others over time, suppressing their own feelings and supporting other.

    • Year of production
    • 2023
    • Genres
    • Family, Comedy, Drama
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Duration
    • 99 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Kan EGUCHI
    • Writer(s)
    • Kenji AZUMA, Kan EGUCHI
    • Producer(s)
    • Hiroyuki AKUNE
    • Synopsis
    • "Fukunoya" is a Mentaiko (cod roe) store established in a corner of Nakasu, a downtown area of Fukuoka. The owner, Toshiyuki Umino, his wife Chiyoko, and their employees are busy working today.

      One day, a takoyaki stall appears in front of the storefront of Fukunoya. The townspeople and the employees are hostile to the stall, claiming that it is blocking the passage of traffic and business. However, Toshiyuki, Chiyoko, and the others welcome the Tsuru smilingly.

      “There is no evil person who loves my Mentaiko“

      Meanwhile, an employee, Matsuo, plays a game proposed by Tsuru and loses. Wanting to fascinate Micchan, Matsuo conversely ends up helping out at Tsuru's store in his spare time.
      However, Tsuru, who goes out somewhere every night, digs all over the ground and buries something. The residents of the neighborhood think it suspicious, and a commotion erupts, involving the police. Tsuru finally tells Matsuo, who is trying his best to protect her from the residents' demands, the secret of digging the holes.

      On the other hand, Yaeyama begins to draw strange pictures. Everyone is worried that Yaeyama has finally gone crazy. Chiyoko also feeling concerned about Yaeyama, and Toshiyuki begins to think that it is because he is not married. They ask Toshiyuki to start looking for an arranged marriage partner for Yaeyama. Despite everyone's concern, Toshiyuki immediately stirs up Yaeyama. 
      In fact, however, Yaeyama has a one-sided love for a woman. Her name is Mari, who runs a painting class in a small studio. Yaeyama actually paints to see her.
      Yaeyama's feelings for Mari grows day by day. One day, they suddenly get close to each other in the studio alone. At the moment of their greatest love, Yaeyama's nose starts to bleed. As he is feeling more and more for Mari, who hurriedly takes care of him, he notices a painting quietly placed in a corner of the room.

      Toshiyuki is frantically searching for an arranged marriage partner for Yaeyama. While searching, there is one thing that bothers him. It is the upcoming birthday of Chieko, who has always supported him. He wants to express his gratitude in some way, but he can't think of anything at the moment. While thinking about it and taking shelter from the rain in front of a tobacco shop, he finally meets Yaeyama's ideal matchmaker. 

      Everyone's kindness and compassion intersect in "Fukunoya," a place overflowing with love. What is Matsuo and Tsuru's secret, what will happen to Yaeyama's love, and what will Toshiyuki do for Chieko's birthday?
      What will be the destination for everyone's thoughts and feelings?