Crime - Development 2020

Big company.
Small town.
Hound dog journalist.
Jaded clean up man.
And a killer real estate deal.

    • Year of production
    • 2020
    • Genres
    • Crime, Thriller
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Synopsis
    • Could you stare down the face of corruption when all of your personal flaws are exposed to the world? That’s our hero’s journey.

      An old woman is murdered in a run-down nursing home off interstate 70, the same interstate Zoe Kyle is driving on to start a new life after a revenge porn scandal ruined her promising east coast broadcast career.

      She moves to a small midwestern town - Fort Liberty, Kansas - and takes a job at the local paper. Every day she simply reports on local news, sports, and obituaries, like the old lady who died in her sleep at the nursing home - and she gets to know the small, struggling community, people who love their high school basketball but are torn about the town’s biggest employer Jax Beef and the immigrant workers that take the jobs at its meat packing plant.

      A town hall meeting explodes on the subject of expanding the meat factory, and a naysaying councilwoman turns up dead that night. A young immigrant athlete gets arrested. Zoe senses a frame job and investigates the plant, where she runs into Stace Lamott, head of security for Jax Beef.

      Bodies start piling up. Zoe soon finds her own life in danger and her personal scandal exploited once again. Instead of running this time, Zoe continues reporting and uncovers a real estate scheme. Convinced the corruption is cleared and her confidence regained, she heads back to New York.

      But one piece of the story hadn’t made sense to her, and she goes back to Liberty for one last interview. Hiding in plain sight is none other than security hit man, Stace Lamott, ready to add one more death count to his list. Does truth prevail? Or does darkness swoop in and drown Liberty once and for all?