By Serrana TORRES, Tánia BALLÒ, Manuel JIMENEZ


Documentary - Completed 2015

In the historical memory of most societies, we tend to symptomatically forget female
figures. Their legacy, their experiences so necessary to understand our past and
our present disappear from the official account, falling into obscurity.

& Awards

2nd Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival 2015
Película Inaugural
Festival de Málaga 2015
Premios del Cine Andaluz 2016 organizados por ASECAN y la Fundación SGAE. 2016
Premio a la Mejor Producción Para Televisión, Spain
Festival Internacional de Cine Documental. DocsBarcelona 2016
Premio PRO-DOCS al Mejor Documental Televisivo de 2015
Asociación de Mujeres Progresistas. 2016
Premio Nacional Dulce Chacón
Premio Nacional 14 de Abril 2016. 2016
Área de igualdad de Gijón 2016
Premio Pasionaria
Fundación Tomás Meabe 2016
Premio el patronato de la Fundación Tomás Meabe
    • Year of production
    • 2015
    • Genres
    • Documentary, Art - Culture, Transmedia
    • Countries
    • SPAIN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 60 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Serrana TORRES, Tánia BALLÒ, Manuel JIMENEZ
    • Producer(s)
    • Synopsis
    • In Spain, the year 1927 is associated to the most prolific generation of artists and
      intellectuals in the 20th Century. The known as Generation of ‘27, has become one of
      the most recognised artistic brands that identifies a crucial moment (1923-1936) in
      Spain’s cultural and social history.
      After all these years, the fact of being a part of this Generation has permitted (that) its
      official members, among which we find Federico García Lorca, Luís Buñuel, Salvador
      Dalí, Rafael Alberti and Luis Cernuda, to have enjoyed popularity and have been a
      matter of national and international attention in the artistic and literary fields as well as
      the academic and educational fields.
      But this recognition only exists if we talk about the men. But what happens with the
      women? Was there not even one woman in that time of creative explosion? Nothing
      further from the truth. The first generation of women that entered the artistic world,
      lived, created and succeeded along with the men. Women of great talent, that shared
      friendship, thoughts and life experiences, who influenced with their work the art and
      thought of the time in Spain, and in some cases, thanks to their production in exile, in
      the style and genres of international artists. The interruption of the Civil War led to the
      end of that Generation, but in the women’s case, it also led to their obscurity.
      Once the democracy was reestablished, the names of their male colleagues were
      recovered and acclaimed, while the names of the women remained in silence, losing
      their rightful place in the official account of the Generation of ‘27 and consequently
      in history. María Teresa León, Ernestina de Champourcín, Rosa Chacel, Concha
      Méndez, Josefina de la Torre, María Zambrano, Maruja Mallo and Marga Gil Roësset
      are just a representation with name and surname of these creators.