Family - Completed 2014

A parents' wish that their naughty child remains in the passing year and a good one passes on to the New Year, mystically comes true..

    • Year of production
    • 2014
    • Genres
    • Family, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • RUSSIA
    • Languages
    • Director(s)
    • Olga KAPTUR
    • Synopsis
    • 10 year-old Sasha lives with her brother, grandparents, mother and dad.
      She is very lively, anxious, and sincere. However, she is a bit too active and hence her parents sometimes consider her behaviour naughty.
      On New Year’s eve, Sasha’s parents make a wish that the naughty girl remains in the passing year, and only the good girl passes on to the New Year.
      Mystically, the wish comes true: Sasha is transported to the magical Land of Good Kids for “reabilitation.” And a “sterile” Good Girl comes to live with Sasha’s parents instead.
      In the land of Good Kids, everything seems way too perfect: children live in sterile white houses, the country smells of cleaning detergent, and omnipresent ears tied to the houses’ walls monitor constantly the behaviour of all citizens. The country is ruled by an ugly looking Minister who is supposed to introduce Sasha to the Queen. After meeting the Queen Sasha is supposed to forget about her naughty past and start a new happy
      Meanwhile, the Good Girl back in Sasha’s apartement is behaving strangely. Her perfectness is not always a good thing: Sasha’s mother gets tired of constantly cleaning the kitchen, Sasha’s grandmoter cooks healthy breakfast all the time, and Sasha’s dad
      trains their tired dog despite his natural desire to read a newspaper and relax. However, the whole family has undergone a special ritual, which made them forget their real daughter and consider everything that is happening to them as ordinary.
      Sasha tries to escape the Land of Good Kids. She meets a magician who helps her almost make her way out. However, omnipresent guards retreive her and bring the girl back.
      Sasha’s faithful pets – her dog and cat – are the only ones who were not affected by the ritual of oblivion. They are irritated by the Good Girl’s tiresome presence and they leave to search for their lively Sasha. Through a back door in a childrens’ toy store they find their way to the Land of Good Kids. With the help of the magician, they find Sasha, fight the Queen, learn the country’s dark secret, and free all the children.
      As it turns out, a magical spell was cast upon the country. And before the spell the country did not resemble such a “healthy prison” at all. On the contrary, it was a happy place with fireworks, ice cream, and an amusement park. Sasha and her friends’ open
      hearts free the Good Queen and bring the country back to life.
      Sasha is offered to stay in the magical land. But she misses her family. And they miss her too --- now that the oblivion spell is gone. Together with her cat and dog Sasha makes her way back: just in time to celebrate New Year.
      We all know now: maybe being sincere, emotional and open hearted is sometimes much better than being “good” but artificial.