By Hidenori ISHIDA

TOEI COMPANY, LTD. - as SALES All rights, World

Science-fiction - Completed 2018

Based on Shotaro Ishimori’s popular sci-fi TV series, man-eating creatures “Amazons” were released due to the accident happened in a laboratory. Superheroes “Masked Riders” stand up to protect the citizens from these Amazons.

    • Year of production
    • 2018
    • Genres
    • Science-fiction, Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Duration
    • 100 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Hidenori ISHIDA
    • Writer(s)
    • Producer(s)
    • Shinichiro SHIRAKURA (Toei Company, Ltd.), Naomi TAKEBE (Toei Company, Ltd.), Taisuke FURUYA (ASATSU-DK INC.)
    • Synopsis
    •  “KAMEN RIDER (a.k.a. “仮面騎士” or “幪面超人” in Chinese)” is a live action TV show that started from “KAMEN RIDER (the first) ”, debuted on television on April 3, 1971, and continues to the latest, now on the air in Japan, “KAMEN RIDER BUILD”. The franchise has been No.1 kid’s live action TV series for more than 45 years and it is not too much to say that almost all of boys in Japan are raised with watching “KAMEN RIDER”. The franchise, contains 29 series and the number of episodes is more than 1,300, also gains popularity among grown-ups bebcause of its story nature and too high quality as a kid’s program. Besides the popularity among them, “KAMEN RIDER” is also known as a gateway to success for young actors. Joe Odagiri (KAMEN RIDER KUUGA), Takeru Sato (KAMEN RIDER DEN-O), Go Ayano (KAMEN RIDER FAIZ), Ryoma Takeuchi (KAMEN RIDER DRIVE) and some other famous actors started their successful career from “KAMEN RIDER” and it makes the franchise also popular among young females.

       Among the whole franchise, a series known as the most unique is “KAMEN RIDER AMAZON” (1974). “AMAZON” maintains popularity even today with its singular appearance that has a motif of lizards and distinct actions. And the Reboot of the legendary KAMEN RIDER in collaboration with “AMAZON prime video” is “KAMEN RIDER AMAZONS”. Its profound story which argues human diignity caused a sensation within KAMEN RIDER fans right after the release on April 2016 . It drew enthusiastic response and season 2 was released on April 2017. And now, the theatrical “KAMEN RIDER AMAZONS FINAL” is to be released !