By Michael HEGNER

SOLA MEDIA GMBH - as SALES All rights, World

3D - Completed 2012

Shy and wispy 10-year old Ivan, chased by the bullies at school and taunted as “Jelly Tarzan” by his wannabe macho dad, can hardly believe his luck when a friendly witch mixes a magic potion for him which makes him “The best at everything”- for one day. But are superpowers the key to happiness?

& Awards

BAFICI (Buenos Aires) 2013
Little BAFICI (Baficito)
    • Year of production
    • 2012
    • Genres
    • 3D, Animation, Family
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 80 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Michael HEGNER
    • EIDR
    • 10.5240/F91F-F9B7-C58D-9130-0053-C
    • Producer(s)
    • Nina CRONE (Crone Film A/S), Erik WILSTRUP (WilFilm)
    • Synopsis
    • Jelly Tarzan –is the taunting nickname 10-year old Ivan Olsen gets from his dad who doesn’t conceal his disappointment that his son has nothing in common with Tarzan, his great idol.
      Sensitive, wispy and insecure, Ivan is an easy prey for a group of bullies who play humiliating pranks on him. If he could only make his dad proud by being strong and athletic or at least good at reading – but all his efforts are in vain. His creative talents - he builds amazing sculptures out of scrap metal and junk – go unnoticed by everyone. Everyone except Lottie, his bright and pretty schoolmate. When Ivan learns it is him of all guys she chooses as her sweetheart, he feels unable to respond to her advances. Doesn’t she realise he is just a hopeless, good for nothing wimp?
      An encounter with a kind-hearted, banjo-playing witch changes Ivan’s life. She offers him a free miracle for one day, and he chooses he wants to be the best at everything.
      The next morning, he can hardly believe his luck: He is strong as an ox, can spit a whole mile, and his reading skills make everyone’s jaws drop. And best of all: when the bullies approach him, muscles the size of a balloon pop out of his arms! Soon he is so thrilled by showing off his superpowers that Lottie starts to miss the old Ivan. She liked him so much better than the new, bumptious one! But Ivan is happy that he could teach his enemies a lesson and that his dad was finally proud of him – if only for one day.
      However, much to Ivan’s surprise, the superpowers don’t go away the next day. The witch forgot to add the dayfly ingredient! His dad feels like his biggest dream came true: Not only can he brag with his incredibly strong son, also his career is skyrocketing. He becomes the famous Tarzan Coach! While his dad cannot get enough of their new lush life with TV interviews, limo rides and champagne, Ivan soon feels groggy and uneasy. He begins to realise that Lottie saw him like he sees his father: unbearingly pushy and self-absorbed. In a fit of rage, he finally rebels against his dad, which leads to an unexpected confession that brings father and son closer to each other than ever.
      All of a sudden, the witch appears to free Ivan from the spell he once wished for! Will he be able to embrace his real personality after all – and to win back his only true friend?