Romance - Development 2019

"A true love which conquered all and has lasted forever."

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Romance, Historical, Drama
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Writer(s)
    • Alice DE SOUSA
    • Synopsis
    • Inês de Castro
      Film Script by Alice de Sousa
      (Inspired by true and historical events)
      The story of Inês de Castro has gripped the imagination of artists throughout the world for some 650 years and they have immortalised her legend in every art form.
      Alice de Sousa’s film script, the first ever English language retelling of this extraordinary story, is an epic tale of forbidden love, death and revenge. It is set in the romantic 14th century and is entirely based on true events.
      The film begins with the arrival in Portugal of the princess Dona Constança, who is betrothed in marriage to Dom Pedro - the future heir to the Portuguese throne. The marriage, of great political significance, is intended to guarantee peace between warring kingdoms and the future independence of the country.
      Unexpectedly, Dom Pedro and Inês de Castro (Dona Constança’s lady in waiting) fall desperately in love. Gossip of their adulterous affair is rife and reaches the king (Dom Pedro’s father), who has Inês banished. After Dona Constança dies in child birth, Inês defiantly returns to Portugal and to Dom Pedro. At the prophetically named Quinta das Lágrimas - The Estate of Tears, they set up a rival court and go on to have three illegitimate children.
      After much anxious deliberation over the future of the Portuguese monarchy, the king orders the execution of Inês de Castro. Three of his most trusted nobles are charged with the macabre deed of beheading Inês and this is done whilst Dom Pedro is away.
      The killing of Inês triggers powerful emotions and a remarkable chain of events: a heart broken Dom Pedro declares war on his father and the country is torn apart by bloody civil war. After the king dies, Dom Pedro ascends the throne and captures two of the three counsellors responsible for executing Inês. He exacts his brutal revenge and punishes them by having their hearts removed from their living bodies. The legend concludes as powerfully as it commenced and with Dom Pedro exhuming Inês’ corpse and crowning her Portugal’s posthumous Queen.
      Today, this unforgettable love story continues to draw pilgrims, from all over the world to Alcobaça and to Dom Pedro and Inês’ tombs. These stand, six centuries after they were erected and despite successive invasions and vandalism by Napoleonic soldiers, at the world heritage site - Alcobaça Monastery. The exquisitely carved white tombs face each another: in the ancient belief that in the hereafter when the lovers are sure to rise, they can immediately fall into one another’s embrace.
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