Thriller - Post-Production 2019

A homeless teenager holds scientists hostage demanding an illegal cure for a disease they created before mercenaries kill them all.

    • Year of production
    • 2019
    • Genres
    • Thriller, Science-fiction
    • Countries
    • USA
    • Duration
    • 75 mn
    • Synopsis
    • A homeless teenager, Margot, refuses her fatal diagnosis from a manmade disease and steals confidential information on the scientist couple responsible. This sends a mercenary, Craig, and his team to kill Margot and the scientists.

      The scientists, Wallace and Amber, enjoy dinner while the baby sleeps upstairs, discussing a cure for Amber’s infection-- the same as Margot’s! While they eat, a masked soldier trips a perimeter alarm as a diversion, sending Amber to the baby and Wallace to check the cameras. The soldier then poisons their food and hides. After finding nothing, Amber and Wallace finish their meal when-- Amber passes out. Wallace rushes to help while the soldier knocks Wallace out from behind.

      Wallace wakes up to the masked soldier studying a screen projecting Wallace’s thoughts. The soldier is revealed to be Margot. Margot continues to use Wallace’s prototypical thought projecting device looking for a cure. Wallace offers to help if his wife and baby are kept safe. Margot reveals she hasn’t seen a baby in the house. Amber appears behind Margot with a gun, still groggy from the poison.

      Amber wants their secrets to stay hidden, but Wallace wants to know where his baby is. Amber is forced to explain there never was a baby, he has been hallucinating since they lost the baby years ago. Amber makes Margot wear the thought projection device revealing she was orphaned and has been homeless most of her life. Through her projected memories Amber recognizes Margot as their estranged baby girl.

      Wallace is confused and demands Amber project the truth. Amber shows Wallace had disease and sent the baby away before he died; he’s a synthetic android clone. The only cure for the disease they created is a consciousness transplant using the thought projection device; to live, they must die.

      As Craig’s soldiers are closing in, Amber dies from the disease, forcing Wallace to save her consciousness in the thought projection device. Margot must follow Amber before the house is destroyed by the mercenary team now outside readying rocket launchers.

      An epilogue shows the family is in another country, using their technology to help others.