By Steve RAVIC


Horror - Development 2024

Shut your windows... lock your doors... switch off the lights...

Make sure that you can see outside, but pray the outside can not see you!

There is a new kind of slasher on the loose and you
could be the next victim!

    • Year of production
    • 2024
    • Genres
    • Horror
    • Countries
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 1 - 3 M$
    • Director(s)
    • Steve RAVIC
    • Synopsis
    • Years ago, a widowed woman called Jude was shamed by her teenage daughter’s sexual escapade which lead to her daughter falling pregnant. The soon to be grandmother could not bare the thought of this shame she would have to endure in front of her country town peers, so she locked up her daughter who later gave birth to twins.

      The boyfriend and father of the twins is suspicious by the absence of his girlfriend. After being told that his girlfriend left town to start a new life, he becomes suspicious and begins to scrutinize Jude’s home. That is when he discovers his girlfriend and two young babies which he attempts to rescue them.

      In a major psychotic panic, the now grandmother is alarmed and sees no other option but to kill both her daughter and the boyfriend as they attempt to escape with the babies.

      After considering killing the two young babies, Grandma Jude decides that even though they are the product of what she believed to be a shameful act, Jude accepts to herself that it was not the fault of the twins and decides to raise them on her own in secret.

      Over the years, Grandma Jude becomes more and more paranoid raising the twins on her country property and starts to become extremely delirious and senile.

      Hidden away from the rest of society, the now young children know nothing of the outside world apart from what they have seen on television. Whilst curious to discover the outside world, they are afraid to leave their Grandma Jude who has been manipulating their every thought. However, one seems to be more in tune with reality then the other.

      Years later, their Grandmother dies in her sleep and after spending hours trying to come to terms with their new reality, one escapes into the dark of night after the other refusing to let the sibling leave and trying to make the sibling stay by force. One begins to give chase but is unable to find the other.

      One of the twins begin a new life in the small neighboring country town getting work on a farm whilst the other continues with the pursuit to be reunited with their twin, hiding out in the woods and breaking into houses for supplies. As the days go by, there is discovery of a number of barbaric murders and there seems to be pattern linking the murder victims to the normal twin.

      A witness of one of the murders identifies the (wrong) twin, already suspected to be the brutal killer and is arrested and locked up at the local police station.

      The crazy twin turns up to the police station where both the officer on duty and the police sergeant are killed. The jail cell is unlocked to free the other twin.

      The normal twin wants nothing to do with his psychotic and is now on the run from both the law and the killer twin that nobody even knows exists.

      The suspense comes to a dramatic end.