Drama - Completed 2021

Based on the novel “Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine, Inubu!”
Heart-warming drama about university students who try to save the life of abandoned dogs and cats.

    • Year of production
    • 2021
    • Genres
    • Drama
    • Countries
    • JAPAN
    • Languages
    • Duration
    • 114 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Tetsuo SHINOHARA
    • Synopsis
    • In the northern city of Towada, Aomori Prefecture lives a unique young man. Sota Hanai (Kento Hayashi), 22, is a university veterinary student who, ever since a young, has been crazy about dogs and has vowed to make protecting animals his life work. Naturally, his apartment is full of animals he has rescued, much to the disapproving eyes of his neighbors. Sota nevertheless is bent on spending his days protecting and saving animal lives. One day, after taking in an abandoned laboratory dog who is highly suspicious of people, Sota decides he needs help to save every last life he can, he establishes an animal rescue club called “Inubu” with his dog-loving friend, Ryosuke Shibasaki (Taishi Nakagawa). After graduation, both go on to chase their respective dreams. Flash forward 16 years and Sota is still on his single-minded quest to protect every animal life possible. But then comes news of his arrest and it is up to the club members, each with their own agendas, to reunite behind their leader. But oddly, Shibasaki is missing.
      "You can’t change the world without overflowing love.”
      Based on the true life activities of the Inubu comes a deeply moving and inspiring prime of youth movie literally for the dogs!