By Clement VIRGO


Action/Adventure - Pre-Production 2011

I Shot The Sheriff brings two revolutionary heroines to the screen in this sexy, revisionist take on the classic western.

    • Year of production
    • 2011
    • Genres
    • Action/Adventure
    • Countries
    • CANADA
    • Languages
    • Budget
    • 5 - 10 M$
    • Duration
    • 95 mn
    • Director(s)
    • Clement VIRGO
    • Producer(s)
    • Clement VIRGO (Conquering Lion Pictures), Damon D'OLIVEIRA (Conquering Lion Pictures), Trish DOLMAN (Screen Siren Pictures)
    • Synopsis
    • I Shot the Sheriff pays homage to the classic western, but with an alluring female twist. This action adventure feature charts the journey of sharpshooter Nell Clanfield, who outwits the banks, ambushes trains and outruns the law in order to save her family farm from corrupt railway developers. En route, Nell falls for her whip-smart sidekick, Fred, a young Métis also known as the Manitoba Kid.
      It’s 1868 on the Canadian frontier. At twenty, Nell Clanfield is the belle of the county and the fastest gun in the west. Her archenemy, corrupt entrepreneur Horrace Dawson, races to finish the western arm of the National Railway Line, letting nothing stand in his way, not even the family farms along the railway route. Dawson crosses the region, repossessing farmland with the help of his trusty assistant, Silas Burke, who also happens to be Nell’s recent fiancée.
      When Nell’s father is senselessly murdered, the bank slaps a repossession order on her parents’ property – triggering Nell to set out to find a way to save the family farm. On her first day in town, in the alley behind the Saloon, Nell’s life takes a dramatic turn. She is forced to draw her twin Colt 45’s in order to save Fred and accidentally kills Jackson, the loyal companion of the meanest sonofabitch in town, Caswell Stone.
      Now wanted for murder, Nell and the Kid stay one step ahead of Stone’s vigilante posse. On the run, they team up with Henry J. Farnsworth, a grizzled old railway worker-turned-robber. Together, they develop a plan to rob the villains who are repossessing the farms. They first pull off a daring bank heist and then plot a risky train robbery.
      Along the way, to their surprise, Nell and the Kid fall madly in love. Meanwhile, Dawson puts a price on Nell’s head, and Stone’s vengeance turns to obsession when he murders Floyd, the Sheriff, and claims the title as his own. When the new Sheriff and his posse suddenly murder Farnsworth, Nell and the Kid stick to their guns and follow through with the plan to hold up the train. But on the day, everything goes awry: Sheriff Stone and his posse lie in wait and Nell and the Kid are wounded.
      After escaping the posse, Nell and the Kid take refuge with a First Nations tribe. Their bond deepens, and the two outlaws consummate their love, risking everything. When morning comes, the Sheriff and his posse surround the First Nations camp. Nell and the Kid are trapped and an ambush turns into a bloody battle. With the help of a reformed Silas, they manage to escape and ride across the rugged frontier.
      Stone and his posse give chase, pursuing our heroines into an impossible dead end. Trapped in the foothills and low on ammunition, Nell and the Kid engage in a final life-and-death shootout. Lost in the thick fog, Nell fights to the bitter end and is fatally shot by Stone. Quickly, the Kid cocks pistols and aims them at the Sheriff. Stone falls, and the couple share one last intimate moment until Nell dies in the Kid’s arms.
      A few days later, Dawson finds himself the victim of a brutal murder at the vengeful hands of the Kid, putting an end to Dawson’s tyranny. Shortly after Dawson’s death, Silas removes the repossession sign from the Clanfield yard –the family farm is saved. In order to leave the memory of a tragic love affair behind, the Kid sets out in the direction of San Francisco.
      With the heart of Brokeback Mountain, the audacity of Thelma & Louise, and the genre-bending thrills of Bound, I Shot the Sheriff brings to screen two revolutionary heroines in this sexy revisionist take on the classic western
    • Partners & financing
    • Distribution Advance & Tax Credits (Canada) -- $2.5 mill confirmed.
    • Beginning of shooting
    • Jul 01, 2011